How I laid a trap to nab my cheating wife (Part III)

In the first two parts of these series, we have seen how the man discovered that his wife of nine years was cheating behind his back.

The man was alerted to his wife’s mischievous ways by a series of Whatsapp messages she exchanged with another man. If you missed the first two parts, you can read them right here. 

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In the third part below, the man finally decides to confront his cheating wife by laying a trap to nab her. Will it work? Read on.
My headache which was already bad since morning got twice as bad.
My head was literally throbbing. A kind of anger that I had never felt before engulfed me and for a moment I understood why some people committed certain crimes at the realization that their partners were cheating on them.

So this woman was not only cheating on me but she had the audacity to bring illicit affair into our matrimonial bed??! For how long had this been going on because from their conversation the man pretty well knew my schedule.

Like I said earlier on, we were at that time building a home in shags and so I travelled once every two weeks to go check on the progress. I would go on Saturday mornings and return Sunday evenings after every two weeks.

It was bad enough that she was betraying our union but how dare she bring the man into our house, the same house where she and I made love, the very house in which we were raising our Keagan?

I couldn’t carry on with work, I mean who would after finding out the things that I was finding out? And so I left early and arranged for a meeting with Jerry in town where I gave him the update.

I trusted Jerry because he and I shared everything. He’s like that one friend who is always going to have your back.
At the end of our meeting we decided that I would pretend to leave for the village come Saturday like I was supposed to and then burst Linnet and LD in the act.

I wanted to do it all by myself when it happened but Jerry insisted on being present just in case things goy our of control.

At home that evening, Keagan kept nagging his mum saying.
Linnet took out her iPhone and gave Keagan but he pushed it aside.
She turned the conversation by telling him to be a good boy and finish his food otherwise she wouldn’t take him swimming on the weekend.

I guess she thought I was so stupid that I wouldn’t make sense of their conversation.
That night she put her sexy on and tried getting me to make love to her but it was like all my senses were on strike.
Even kissing her back was a struggle, her lips tasted bitter in mine.

Frustrated, she hugged me and told me she understood how losing that client was such a big deal, she told me she understood and encouraged me telling me that a better deal would come forth.
The next few days were the longest and hardest. I got to discover things no man would ever want to discover.

My wife and her side piece were having unprotected sex, I found out about that during one of their conversation when he was reminding her not to forget to take her contraceptives because they couldn’t afford to have a baby as that would cause a lot of confusion.

In another of their conversations, Linnet was telling LD that she was madly in love with him to which he reminded her that they should never have their feelings involved as he couldn’t leave his family.
From her response she sort of seemed mad at him for saying that and his reply back was, “let me call you in 5 mins sugar, don’t be upset, you know I love you more than I love her it’s just that we have kids involved here.”

In the next two days, no chats came in and so I was in the dark.

My performance at work went down and my boss suggested I take a break from work if I needed to. No one else apart from Jerry knew what really I was going through.

Friday night, just the night before everything was to unfold, I left early for bed sighting a headache which I really had, in fact I had had a headache all through from the time I discovered her infidelity and my only help had been painkillers after painkillers.
Keagan had already slept and Linnet stayed up in the living room to watch her favorite soap opera.

I was about to turn up for bed minutes after leaving her in the living room when a chat from her to LD came in.
They talked of how they couldn’t wait to be together the next day.

She told him that she would leave early so as to have a steam bath and get her nails plus hair done saying she wanted to look all glammed up for him.

She said she would drop Keagan off for a playdate and sleep over at one of his buddies places and suggested they start the evening early as she was starving for some sugar.

He responded by telling her that their conversation was already getting his body responding in a certain manner and she asked for a photo.

Minutes later he sent a photo of his private and she responded with a bunch of emojis and begged him not to give it to his main that night to which he responded that he would try.

At some point during the conversation he suggested that she pick her up in town since he wasn’t gonna be leaving with his car as he had told his wife that he was going on an all expense paid business trip to Mbarara.

Linnet was ecstatic at the idea of both of them driving home together and even hinted that perhaps they should make love in the car like they had previously done.

LD responded with more emojis and told her he had to go as his main was almost done tucking the kids for sleep. They again reminded each other to delete their messages and photos and then there was silence.

I was a wounded man. She had striped me off of my dignity.

This woman that I so loved, was not only having an affair with another married man but they were doing it in our house and in our car, the very car that I had bought her on our last anniversary, the very car that we sometimes rode in as a family and to top it all off, she was doing it without protection.

She killed the very last piece of me and on that day, I shed silent tears.
I had so many mixed feelings, it was like something in me was about to explode.
I tried sleeping that night but I couldn’t, I stayed up pretending to be asleep but all I did was count seconds, and minutes and hours to that Saturday.

It was going to mark the beginning of our end and I couldn’t wait to see this man who had so much guts and disrespect for me and my marriage.

Saturday morning came and I tried my best to act as normal as possible.
My wife as usual was acting sad talking of how she and Keagan were going to miss me.

I told her I was gonna miss them too and promised to keep in touch all through my stay in the village.

She helped me pack the items I was to take to my mums including the ones that she had bought her. She and my mum had a great relationship.

Before leaving as usual, I called my mum and put her through the phone to Keagan and Linnet so they could tell her what goodies from the farm they wanted her to send me back with.

We talked a little more as she helped pack my clothes and at around 9:00 am, I kissed her goodbye and reminded Keagan like I normally did to take care of our queen, his mum and with that I drove off.

At this time, according to our plan, Jerry was already parked a fair distance from our home in a car that we had hired the previous day and his plan was to watch who went in and out of my compound.
The plan was for me to leave and leave my car in town at a friend’s business place and then get back an Uber once I got the signal that Linnet had left.

You see, we lived in one of those residential areas where each compound was a fair distance from the other and everybody minded their own business and so there wasn’t even a single neighbor from who I could have gotten info on what went on in my home on the weekends that I was away.

The fourth part of these gripping series continues tomorrow.


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