How my wife concealed her cheating ways through text messages (Part II)

In the first part that ran yesterday, the man discovered to his horror that the woman she had been married to for nine years and trusted had started betraying him, check in STORIES section for it.

I discovered that my wife was cheating on me with someone I trusted (Part 1)

In the second part below, the man discovers the extent to which the wife went to conceal her cheating.

Read on.

My wife was not only cheating on me but she was doing so with a married man.
The anger that fueled in me was so bad, I wanted to go home and strangle her but I am not the violent type.

I grew up seeing effects of domestic violence n our neighbors house and swore never to lay hands on a woman ever.

I couldn’t understand how she managed to sleep around and still put up the best act in the house. If not for the discovery of her other phone I never would have even in a thousand years suspected her of cheating. We were so happy in our marriage.

It all didn’t make sense to me. I tried to come up with things that could have possibly driven her to cheat and I couldn’t just get any.

For how long had she been cheating on me?

Who was this Licky D? Was it someone I knew?

Where did they meet? Where do they meet for their sexual escapades? For how long has this been going on?
Was my son even mine?
I was going nuts with all these questions running through my mind and I knew that if I didn’t talk to somebody about it I would totally lose it.

My first thought was my big brother Jack but then I remembered that Jack’s younger daughter was currently unwell and so I didn’t want to drag him into another stressful situation.
My next pick was my best friend Jerry, Jerry and I had been friends since our high school years.

No one understood me like he did. We always had each others back. I called him and after hearing the tone of my voice, he promised to be at the joint right away.

Minutes later, I saw his car pull up at the drive way.

I told Jerry everything and he was more shocked than I was.

He was so angry and stood up pacing up and down saying if he knew who the other man was he would kill him with his bare hands, at some point I even had to calm him down.

I needed him to help me think straight and find a way forward out of this mess.
First we thought of sending an Mpesa or checking the number of Licky D on true caller but decided against it because we didn’t want to raise any eyebrows incase they had not shared their other secret numbers with anyone other than themselves.

We talked things through and eventually decided that I should lay low until I got more details of who this man was, his family or even where he and my wife had their intimate moments.

I went home later that evening and acted like all was well.

I blamed the slight changes that she noticed on the earlier on client backing out of the deal and she was very sorry.
The day that followed, we all went about our day as usual.

I checked the teddy bear in my son’s room to see if the phone was still there occasionally when my wife was in the bathroom but never found it again.
I tried checking with Keagan if he knew of the new place where mummy kept her phone and all I got was baby talk that made absolutely no sense.

On weekdays we all worked 9am to 5PM.
My wife at our hardware store in town and me at the office.

We had workers at the hardware store and so mainly her work was just to supervise. We had a nanny who helped take care of Keagan for the period that we weren’t home.

She didn’t leave with us though, she took care of him and left whenever my wife or I got home.

On weekends she never came over since we both never worked on weekends.
At the office the Monday after my world fell apart, I couldn’t concentrate on a single thing.

I was a broken man, literally finished.
One part of me wanted to confront Linnet and demand to know why she had decided to betray us in the worst possible manner but another side told me that if I did that then perhaps I would never get to know who the other man was.

Another side of me was already thinking of filing for a divorce. I had always envisioned her and I growing grey together, seeing our grandchildren running around but all that was just but a dream now.

Minutes to noon, chats started flowing in.
The first was from Licky D, he was calling my wife sugar. He wanted to know how her weekend was and also mentioned how much he missed her.

Linnet texted back talking of how she couldn’t wait to meet him so she could get some sugar (sex).

She complained that her main hadn’t given her some sugar as from Saturday evening.

She told him that at night she had done her best to get some of it but her main’s mjulubeng hadn’t arisen to the occasion.
She told Licky D that it must be due to the stress of her main losing that important client (I had lost interest in having sex with her as from the moment I found out about her infidelity).

As much as I tried to hide it, her sight alone, leave alone her touch disgusted me. She had tried caressing me on Saturday evening and even Sunday but true to her word my “thingy” hadn’t responded at all.

She went on to ask Licky D if they could fix something within the week before the weekend but he reminded her that they had to always be careful.

She wanted them to meet at a hotel in town but Licky D told her that both of them checking into a hotel was too risky as you could never know who you may run into.

He then went ahead and told her they should keep it at their usual place and asked her if her main was still set to travel to the village that coming weekend to which she responded yes.
He told her that he would make their meeting this time special and spend the night with her.

My wife’s reaction was something else, she sent him a lot of emojis and then asked him what excuse he was going to give his main or spending the night away and he said he would come up with some work related excuse.

Linnet informed him that she would see to it that Keagan spent the night at a friend’s place in the name of a play date so they could have the house all to themselves.

After a few more dirty texts, LD told Linnet that he would call her later on but she insisted that they keep it to texting because it was safer that way.

They reminded each other to delete everything and then the flow of texts stopped.

Look out for the third part tomorrow.


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