I discovered that my wife was cheating on me with someone I trusted (Part 1)

Often times when we are in happy marriage relationships, we rarely think things could go wrong.

But for one gentleman who seemingly had a perfect marriage which was the envy of his friends and relatives, things turned upside down when he discovered that his wife was cheating on him with someone.

In the first part of our five gripping series, the gentleman whose names we have changed opens up on this harrowing story. All names have been changed for confidentiality.

We shall run one part everyday from today, Saturday (May 2 ) to Wednesday (May 6).

“Daddy I want to play games on the phone,” my four year old son, Keagan, said.
It was on a Saturday afternoon, the weather outside was great, the kind of weather that makes you wanna stay indoors and do nothing but drink porridge and eat boiled maize plus make babies.
I was seated on my favorite seat reading the daily newspaper. It was around the 2016 election period and I was engrossed on what I was reading.

“Daddy give me the phone,” my child said again and I told him to wait for his mum to come back so he could play the game on her phone but he shook his head and then walked away to his bedroom.
His mum, my wife, had left the house to see a friend off a few minutes back. I turned back to my paper praying that Keagan wouldn’t throw any tantrums.

About five minutes passed and when he didn’t walk back into the living room, I put my paper down and left to find him.
The one thing that I have learnt so far as a parent is that when the little ones go quite, 99.9% of the time they are always up to some mischief.

My first stop was in his room and the moment I walked in, my heart almost stopped beating.

In his hand was a brand new Samsung S7 edge, I was taken aback because I had never seen that phone in my house.
My wife and I both had iPhone and our nanny who wasn’t a stay at home nanny had a totally different model.

For a minute I thought that maybe my wife had planned to surprise me with it on our 9th wedding anniversary which was around the corner but that opinion soon changed.

I sat my son on my lap and gently took the phone from him. The first place I went to was to the WhatsApp messages which I found empty.

My next stop was on the call logs which I again found blank.

There was not a single number saved on the phone. I went to FB, Messenger, emails and found nothing.

At this point Keagan was starting to get impatient with me wanting the phone back so he could carry on with his game.
I was almost giving it back to him when a thought crossed my mind on hacking the WhatsApp messages and I went with it without thinking twice. I got my phone and within seconds I had hacked the WhatsApp messages.

I knew my wife was bound to walk in at any time and so I asked Keagan to put the phone back where he had taken it from so I could give him mine to play with and he jumped at the offer.
He took the Samsung and went to a big brown teddy bear that was in the corner of his room, unzipped it and then put the phone there.

If I am to describe how stunned I was at all that I’d probably never finish writing this story.
I picked him up and took him back to the living room, a thousand and one questions racing through my mind. About two minutes later, before I could even put my thoughts together, my wife walked back into the house.

I tried acting like all was normal but that was so hard with a million questions running through my mind. Whose phone was it? Was it a present for me for our wedding anniversary?

If so, why did it already have a sim card?
Under whose name was it registered and what people was it used to call? Was there a possibility that my wife Linet was cheating on me? No, that wasn’t possible! How? For what? We had the perfect marriage, our sex life was over the roof and we were doing great financially.

We lived in our own house in Muyenga that we had bought from one of the top real estate companies and we were at that time building a four bedroom house back in the village.

We loved each other so much and were the envy of most of our peers whose marriages had fallen apart and we were faithful to each other, at least I was because in the years since I had met Linet, I had never had eyes for any other woman but her.

We travelled out of the country once every year and we were in the process of planning for our second baby so I just didn’t see how her cheating could be a possibility.

“Baby, you are reading the newspaper upside down and you don’t look okay.” Linet said interrupting my thoughts and that’s when I realized that I was actually holding the newspaper upside down.
I took her hand in mine and told her that I had gotten a call a few minutes back while she was out that a top client that I thought I had won had decided to back out of the deal if I didn’t change some of the terms of our agreements.

I worked for a large import/export firm in town and these were some of the common issues that we faced from time to time.

She was sorry about that and asked if I maybe wanted to go meet the client in person over lunch so I could maybe see if I could convince them further.

I gave her a tight hug, a kiss on the lips and told her that that was a brilliant idea! In my head, it was the perfect thing because I could go sit somewhere and clear my head.

A few minutes later, I left home and promised to be back early enough for our routine Saturday evening walks.
The truth is I didn’t even know of what specific place to go to and so I drove in circles within town before finally settling on Choma zone at Donholm. It was a place that I and my boys hung out a lot.
All through, I kept checking my phone to see if any messages would come through from the hacked phone but none came in.

I was almost cursing myself for having even thought of my wife in the line of infidelity when messages started trickling in.

The first message was from my wife, she was calling the person Licky D, she told him that she missed him so much and asked if they could sneak out quick and have some sugar (sex) within an hour, she said that “the main” had gone out to meet a client and that she could drop Keagan off at a friend’s.

“Licky D” texted moments back that it was too risky to do that as “his main” was around.

He also reminded her that they had both agreed that weekends would be reserved for families. She told him she knew of the rule its just that she couldn’t stop thinking of how good his D made her feel.
Licky D texted back asking if “her main” hadn’t given her some sugar (sex) in the morning and she texted back saying she had gotten some in the morning.

It just that the fact that what she and Licky D was doing was wrong and the thought of being caught always caused an adrenaline rush through her and that always heightened the whole feeling for her.

He sent her a couple of emojis and she sent him a picture of her erect nipple. They talked dirty to each other for a few more minutes before Licky D excused himself.

They reminded each other to erase all the texts and photos and then there was silence.

I rushed straight to the bathroom. Out of nowhere I had lost my mind. Moments later when I was back in my seat, the waiter got me water that I had requested for.
I don’t drink alcohol or even wine otherwise I would have swam in them that afternoon.

Look out for the second part of these gripping series tomorrow


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