It was a dream come true for a stand-up comedian Dr Hilary Okello

Comedian Dr Hilary Okello 

When they say dreams come true, indeed they do come true especially for those who never stop dreaming but keep chasing their dreams, just like Tupac Shakur said “During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams” it was for the hilarious stand-up comedian Dr Hilary Okello on the 24th of June 2022, The big day that will forever be special to him and to his loyal fans who have supported him from way back as 2016 as he held his very first sensational stand-up comedy show named “Laugh At My People” at Uganda National Theatre. Like it is a dream for any other performing comedian to reach such a milestone.

Recently the stand-up comedian has been in full form with his performances as it is evident to those who have watched him perform at one or two of the current booming comedy shows across the country like Alex Muhangi’s Comedy Store, Laugh with Owakabi organised by comedian MC Kash in Gulu, and at Fun Factory Uganda where a one fan confessed in a whatsApp chat on a day of his show while commenting on a status of his shared poster of how he is too good that he always leaves the audience yarning for more. “This guy is so good bambi for the previous two nights that Fun Factory has hosted him. He leaves the theatre wanting more”.

And this was written all over on his comic night where we can all agree that Dr Hilary wrote history as one of the household names in the stand-up comedy circuit in Uganda. On this chilly evening night, a big number of revellers started flooding the theatre by 5pm, and at around 7 pm, the place was full of happy and joyous excited fans ready for the comedy night. So many started by taking pictures of themselves while several interviews were conducted on a number of different fans where so many expressed their expectations, their support, what comedy means to them and how highly they rate the comedian.

With a sold out auditorium, was a raised stage designed with black curtains, reflecting the spotlight and adjustable blue lights with the sheer act of lighting candles that created a peaceful ambiance, while their lovely flicker and the gentle glow added ease to soothe the mind of the audience. The atmosphere alone was enough for enjoyment.

At exactly 8pm, the show kicked off with performances from a one young emerging reggae talent artist known as Gozando, Guitarist Christian Bahizi, followed by other two young uprising female and male comedians Kaabu, Elvis Faki respectively and finally graced by a Christian stand-up comedian Mudhaasi Pius Jonathan.

After which the audience welcomed the main character with a standing ovation, the hilarious, poignant, and physically dazzling comedian took over the stage in amazement with love from the audience. While so many dress up in suits to grace their shows, Dr Hilary decided to dress up casually donning on a grey jean jacket with a white T-shirt printed on Africa at the front, black pants and brown shoe Nikes.

He however started with thanking his fans to have made it to the show, and after which he immediately rolled on with performing his meticulously well-crafted series of only clean comic jokes like how Women enjoy clubs more than Men, how women prepare themselves for shopping while the men do it randomly, how African mothers warn their children, The white wedding versus the African one among so many other humorous jokes.

Throughout his performance of 1 hour and 45 minutes, the audience that never took their eyes off him only roared in laughter and shaking their heads in amazement. But also the audience literally gasped in amazement at his lightning fast pace, flawless timing, and comedic grace. He indeed served as his own witty master of ceremony, while improvising as he bantered with people in the crowd. Dr Hilary ruled the comedy night that the show closed with another standing ovation, applauses from the audience as he left stage.

It was a pure description of a one-man variety show that he gave his present fans an act of comedy unlike any other that they have probably ever experienced. Call it a great comedy show with a great audience that the fans never left in disappointment.

Stand-up comedy is one of the most intimate and intimidating forms of performance out there. Mastering stand-up comedy requires years of hard work and dedication not to mention thick skin and the will to persevere, no matter how many times you bomb. But stick with it and you’ll reap the rewards, Dr Hilary is now a living testimony.

However it takes a lot of brain power to be able to put up a great comedy show, which “Laugh at My People comedy” was produced by Mark Gordon and directed by Achura Frederick of Atonga Media.


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