Education Minister Janet Museveni to address country today

The Minister of Education and Sports and First Lady Janet Museveni will today Saturday May 23 address the country on the major developments in the education sector.

The Education Minister will present the accomplishments of the Education and Sports sector as part of the NRM Manifesto Week at Officer of the Prime Minister in Kampala.

“Fellow Ugandans, today at 2pm, I will present the accomplishments of the Education and Sports sector as part of the NRM Manifesto Week,” the Minister said

Mrs. Museveni address to the country will be broadcast live on all major TV and radio stations in the country.

Janet Museveni address country

Education Minister Janet Museveni to address country

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education and Sports is stuck with President Museveni’s directive to reopen schools to candidate classes as the country prepares to begin a phased easing of the Covid-19 lockdown, according to Daily Monitor.

The Monitor quoting undisclosed sources reports that Ministry top officials handed over their proposals to the National Coronavirus Taskforce, highlighting many unresolved issues that should be addressed before the reopening of the schools on June 4.

According to reports they decided to refer the issues of students’ movement in border districts and the return of those from other countries to the Ministry of Health for action because they raise security and health concerns.

However, the Daily Monitor adds that when they met the national taskforce on Wednesday, they were informed that they will only be given feedback and it will be the Education ministry to act. It was, however, not clear when the feedback would be given.

“The people who are coming from border districts and the international students have to be tested. That is now beyond the Ministry of Education. We have handed over our thoughts to the Ministry of Health. We had doctors on the team. One of them was giving a proposal but the other doctor was not agreeing with certain things,” the source said.

“Some of us are saying visitations will happen but not at once. You can have a visitation week not a visitation day. But some doctor was saying, ‘No. What if some of them were truck drivers with the virus’,” the source quoted by The Daily Monitor added.

The Education Minister is expected to shine a light on the development in the much awaited 2PM address to the country.


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