Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja Shines in KCCA Ranking, Credits Innovative Approach for Success

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja has emerged as one of the top schools in Kampala, according to the recent KCCA ranking. The school’s impressive performance is attributed to its unique approach to education, which focuses on holistic development and innovative learning programs.

According to Deputy Headmaster Academics, Mr. Samson Katubeho, the school’s success can be attributed to its commitment to offering diverse packages that encourage broad thinking among pupils. “We prioritize small classes to ensure maximum attention, and our programs like the Young Engineers initiative spark critical thinking among learners,” he explained.

Headmaster Mr. Simon Mugaaju added that the school’s emphasis on holistic training and discipline has also played a significant role in the pupils’ excellence. “We train our pupils to be well-rounded individuals, and our focus on discipline and time management helps them remain focused and excel,” he said.

The school’s innovative approach has clearly paid off, with its pupils consistently performing well in academics and extracurricular activities. The KCCA ranking is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the school’s staff, pupils, and parents.

Kampala Standard Primary School-Kyanja’s success story serves as an inspiration to other schools, highlighting the importance of innovative teaching methods and a holistic approach to education. As the school continues to soar to greater heights, it remains committed to nurturing young minds and shaping future leaders.


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