Ker-Alur Kingdom, MTN-Uganda harness power of sports to tackle teenage pregnancy

Okoro stricker displays his acrobatic skills when they take on Jonam county which ended 2.1 at Bar Okoro. photo by patrick okaba

Okoro stricker displays his acrobatic skills when they take on Jonam county which ended 2.1 at Bar Okoro. photo by patrick okaba

In a bid to combat the rising issue of teenage pregnancies among youths engrossed in social media and modern distractions, the kingdom of Ker-Alur and MTN-Uganda have strategically turned to sporting events. The duo aims to utilize the inter-county cultural football tournaments as a platform to unite young minds and impart essential messages on good moral and cultural practices.

The 6th edition of the inter-county football tournament in Ker-Alur kicked off on November 15, 2023, with teams fiercely competing for not just the championship title but also to spread awareness on crucial issues. The latest showdown witnessed Okoro County triumphing over Jonam County in a tight match, securing their spot in the final against Padyere County slated for November 30, 2023.

Despite traveling from Pakwach district, Jonam county faced disappointment due to subpar performances from their players, allowing Okoro County to stage a comeback and win 2-1. Jonam’s coach, Mr. Ibrahim Fadhil, expressed his team’s initial hopes but pointed out defensive lapses that cost them the game.

“We had all the expectations to win the game but, due to the weakness of our defenders to defend the only goal we scored in the first half, we were denied by the host who became aggressive and won the match.”

On the other side, Okoro County’s coach, Mr. Kevin Wanok, remains confident in his team’s ability to reclaim the trophy. Despite a 4-0 setback against Padyere county in the opening match, Wanok believes his team has regrouped and is poised to emerge as champions in the 6th edition of the Ker-Alur sports spectacle.

Wanok declared, “I’m so optimistic that my team will be crowned champions for the 6th sport edition of Ker–Alur.”

Prime Minister Opar Angala emphasized the transformative power of sports, stating that it is through such events that messages capable of reshaping the lives of the youth can be effectively delivered. The final of the inter-county football tournament is set to be graced by royal majesty Phillips Olarker Rauni III at the Luo ground, with MTN officials, the primary sponsors of the event, in attendance.

Opar ensures that all participants in the tournament will be duly recognized and awarded prizes at Luo ground, concluding the 6th edition of the inter-county Alur cultural football tournaments.

Table standing for Inter-county Ker-Alur football tournaments

County Match played Draw Lost Win points
Padyere 3 1 0 1 4
Okoro 3 0 1 1 3
Jonam 3 1 1 0 -1


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