LEADERSHIP CRISIS! Namirembe Cathedral dispute escalates as Bishop Banja dissolves historic choir

Bishop Moses Benja

KAMPALA, UGANDA – A long-standing dispute at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe has taken a dramatic turn after Bishop Moses Banja dissolved the cathedral’s all-male choir, a decision that has sparked widespread concern and outrage.

The choir, which has been in existence for over 87 years, was accused by Bishop Banja of indiscipline and impunity. However, choir leaders have denied the allegations, stating that they were not given adequate notice to prepare for a recent requiem service and that the bishop’s account of events on Easter Sunday was inaccurate.

“This is a clear case of misuse of power and a disregard for the traditions of the cathedral,” said a source close to the choir, who wished to remain anonymous. “The bishop is trying to assert his authority, but he is doing so at the expense of the choir and the congregation.”

Another source, a member of the cathedral’s congregation, expressed disappointment and sadness at the dissolution of the choir. “The choir is an integral part of our worship services, and their absence will be deeply felt. We urge the bishop to reconsider his decision and work towards a resolution with the choir.”

The dispute has sparked fears among parents whose children are part of the choir, with some expressing concerns about the impact on their children’s mental health and academic performance. The choir has a long tradition of members joining at a young age and remaining members for life.

This is not the first time Bishop Banja has clashed with the choir, with reports of tensions between the two parties dating back to his election to the episcopacy. The process that led to his appointment has been criticized for being opaque and politically motivated.

“The bishop’s leadership style is authoritarian and dictatorial,” said a source familiar with the cathedral’s politics. “He is not willing to listen to alternative views, and this has led to a lot of tension and conflict within the cathedral.”

The fate of the choir and its members remains uncertain, with some church members calling for Bishop Banja to reconsider his decision. The dispute has raised questions about the leadership style of Bishop Banja and his ability to work with the choir and other stakeholders in the cathedral.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how the parties involved will resolve their differences and whether the historic choir will be reinstated.


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