Liberty Life Assurance Launches Revolutionary Kuza Plan to Transform Financial Security

Get on Your Mark, And Get set for Life with Liberty Life KUZA plan .
Its symphony is Invest Protect, KUZA your finances. This plan was launched by Liberty Life today at Sheraton, and it guarantees unparalleled benefits

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Liberty Life Assurance Uganda has introduced the Kuza Plan, a groundbreaking financial product that combines savings with life and disability insurance. This innovative plan is designed to empower individuals and businesses to take control of their financial future with unmatched benefits, flexibility, and peace of mind.

The Kuza Plan is tailored for corporates and business people aged between 30 and 60, aligning with their aspirations and lifestyle choices. It goes beyond mere financial security, enabling Ugandans to plan for a brighter future for themselves and their families while enjoying the quality of life.

Through the fusion of savings with life and disability insurance, the Kuza Plan establishes a safety net, allowing individuals to pursue their aspirations with confidence. Unlike traditional savings plans, it provides last rights and permanent disability benefits at no additional cost. Additionally, policyholders can cancel without penalties, guaranteeing a full return on their investment account balance.

“At Liberty Life Uganda, we empower individuals to secure their financial future with confidence. The Kuza Plan represents a bold step towards this goal, offering essential benefits and unparalleled flexibility to meet diverse customer needs,” said Mr. Joseph Almeida, Managing Director of Liberty Life Assurance Uganda.

The Kuza Plan offers five benefit options to suit varying budgets and preferences, prioritizing transparency and flexibility. Unlike traditional life assurance plans, it allows easy access to funds without surrender penalties, empowering individuals to maintain control over their savings.

“The Kuza Plan ensures your investments grow – ‘KUZA’ even if premium payments stop. We prioritize transparency and flexibility, aiming to provide peace of mind to policyholders and beneficiaries,” said Mr. Danish Mohammad Eqbal, Principal Officer/CEO of Liberty Life.

Liberty Life Assurance Uganda is revolutionizing the insurance sector with the Kuza Plan, fostering opportunities for Ugandans to flourish amidst evolving circumstances. This innovative plan is a beacon of security and adaptability, empowering individuals to plan for a brighter future with confidence.


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