Lions didn’t kill the boda boda rider – UWA Clarifies


Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has rubbished rumors on various social media platforms alleging that the lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park killed and ate the body of a motorcyclist who was captured carrying matooke (bananas) on a bike.

Series of photos were shared on Facebook and tweeter with in the previous few days showing a man passing in the park on a motor cycle loaded with matooke.

The last photo was shared showing lions seated next to the motorcycle loaded with matooke but the man was no where to be seen , this left many suprised as they started creating a perception that he had been eaten up by the lions.

In the statement released on Friday morning, UWA has clarified that the man has never been eaten by the lions as many have been alleging.

They contend that this man was stopped by the rangers never to enter in the park but he insisted and proceded to the park following the tourist vehicles.

“Unfortunately, when he reached the tourist vehicles, they were stationed and tourists were taking pictures of the lions that had come to the road. When he attempted to hide behind the vehicles, the lions were also taking shelter around the vehicles and others under the vehicles.”

“At this stage, he had entered a critical zone of the lions, they scared him and he jumped on one of the tourist vehicles.Therefore, the man was not eaten by the lions as alleged on various social media platforms.”

UWA warnned the members of the general public that as they endeavor to protect all visitors in the national parks, this protection doesnot extend to those who enter the parks without the knowledge of park management since their security cannot be gurranted.

Therefore they promised to continue sentizing the public about the dangers of entering national parks without authorization.

















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