List of businesses allowed to open, schools remain closed as Uganda partially lifts lockdown

President Yoweri Museveni has announced adjustment to the lockdown measures, which only a select number of activities allowed to either continue operating or resume operations.

Here they are:

– Agriculture will continue to function.

– Wholesalers will be allowed to open. But they must observe the social distancing rules. Warehouses should not apply air conditioning where there are

– Hardware shops

– Repair workshops garages

– Metal and wood workshops

– Insurance providers

– Business and other activities have crooks – so we need lawyers. Therefore, the Uganda Law Society will be allowed a quota of 30 lawyers at any one point to provide legal services, says Museveni.

– Restaurants will be open but will be allowed to only provide takeaway services.

– Warehouses will also open.

For schools, the President said: “You can not say schools will open and you don’t solve the issue of public transport.”

The matter of the truck drivers has, according to Mr. Museveni, been a good thing of sorts.

“It has exposed the irrationality of using lorries for transporting cargo. It is cheaper and safer to use railway and water transport where they are available,” he said.

The advantages include no cargo theft, no spreading of diseases and no damaging of roads.

“So there is every reason to get rid of these lorries,” Museveni added.

But he was keen to add that for now, it would be suicidal to stop the cargo transporters transiting. As the railway is being worked on, he urged patience among fellow Ugandans.


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