Local Government workers petition Government over proposed salary cuts

Local Government Workers through their umbrella body of Uganda Local Government Workers Union (ULGWU) have petitioned the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Local Government requesting them to find other means of bridging the financial gap within government minus touching their salaries.

“Much as we stand with government’s efforts to curtail promotion of homosexuality practices among the population, we strongly disagree with the strategy of cutting workers salary to address the funding gaps caused by World Bank’s Action yet govemment has other options available which could effectively be utilized and cause positive impact without inflicting injuries to already deprived, demotivated and inadequately facilitated workforce.” reads part of the letter addressed to the Permanent Secretary.

These have therefore stated that  government’s plan to effect cutting of the civil servant’s salary to generate revenue to fund gaps created by World Bank’s cancellation of its funding is not protected by the constitution of the Republic Of Uganda and not also protected by any and thus advised that it should look at other options.

“Undermines harmonious labour relations and contrally to the provisions of constitution of the Republic of Uganda (with amendments Articles 158 (1 ) refers that , where any salary or allowance of the holder of any office is charged on the consolidated fund, shall not be altered to his or her disadvantage after she or he has been appointed to that office and also Article 173 (b) will be offended by the same salary cutting.”

“The union is made to understand that government already concluded loans which were intended to be used in some sectors and through dialogue these existing loan portfolios yet to be executed can be revisited through negotiation with World Bank to cover funding gaps created by the current development instead of rushing to cutting salaries which will not even yield minimal positive impact.”

Another reason why the Union insist that government should dialogue with World Bank is that, there is  no institution that can replace the position of World Bank in budget support at fair terms like 0.07% interest rate, Ten-year gross period and also support social services like Human Capital Development health, Education etc. because all the potential funders are known to be mainly interested in  infrastructural development i.e. roads and no interest is drawn to social services as the World Bank.

In the same letter , Hassan Mudiba ,the Secretary General of ULGWU  emphasized that much as they support government efforts to curb the spread of homosexuality in the population.

Uganda Local Government Workers Union Leadership and the entire membership are strongly opposed to the idea of cutting  members’ salaries on account of filling gaps created by World Bank cancellation of funding Uganda’s economic projects.

He further added that once this  appeal is  neglected or ignored, the union should not be blamed for industrial disharmony that may follow as a result of the cutting their salaries since this letter serves as NOTICE given under sections 7 (2) (a) (b) (3), 8 (1) (2) (a) (b)(3) (a) (b) and section 14 (a) (b) of Public Service (Negotiating Consultative and Disputes Settlement Machinery) Act 2008.

On 8th August 2023, World Bank announced that it has suspended funding towards new projects in Uganda on grounds that the new Anti – LGBTQ law is against some of the bank’s goals.










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