Mabirizi seeks to block David Kalemera’s appointment as State House revenue intelligence chief over criminal past

KAMPALA, UGANDA – Renowned lawyer, Male Mabirizi, has filed an application at the Anti-Corruption Court seeking to block the appointment of David Kalemera as the head of State House Intelligence and Strategic Operations Unit.

David Kalemera, the controversial figure at the center of a legal storm over his appointment as head of State House Intelligence and Strategic Operations Unit.

“It is fair, equitable, and in the interest of combating corruption that this application is allowed,” Mabirizi stated in his application.

Mabirizi’s application is grounded on Kalemera’s criminal record, having been convicted by the Anti-Corruption Court in 2022 for using falsified customs documents and conspiracy to commit a felony. The lawyer argues that Kalemera’s appointment violates the Constitution and the Uganda Revenue Authority Act, which bar individuals with criminal records from holding public office.

“A person sitting in the Office of President is barred by Article 99(1 & 3) of the Constitution and Section 4 of Uganda Revenue Authority Act from creating ‘STATE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE AND STRATEGIC OPERATIONS UNIT’,” Mabirizi argued in his application.

The application also challenges the legality of the State House Intelligence and Strategic Operations Unit, citing that its creation is unconstitutional and goes against the Uganda Revenue Authority Act.

“Being a convict of Anti-Corruption Court, KALEMERA DAVID is barred from holding any office in Public Service for ten years,” Mabirizi stated.

The lawyer has asked the court to issue consequential orders barring Kalemera from holding public office for 10 years, as provided for by the Anti-Corruption Act. The lawyer has also requested the court to declare the creation of the State House unit null and void.

The development comes at a time when the government is intensifying its efforts to combat corruption. The appointment of Kalemera has already raised eyebrows, with many questioning his suitability for the position given his criminal past.

The court is yet to fix a date for the hearing of the application. If granted, the application could have significant implications for the government’s fight against corruption and the rule of law in Uganda.


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