Magufuli reopens universities on June 1

Tanzanian President John Magufuli opens universities and sports events on June 1 next month, after he declared that prayer had spared the country the worst of the coronavirus, even as critics say cases are soaring.

He made the announcement during the swearing in of Tanzania’s ambassadors to Kenya, Algeria and Mozambique as well as the Health deputy minster Godwin Mollel at the State House in Dodoma.

Magufuli stated that the decision  to reopen universities on June 1 was made with the decrease in COVID19 cases and the relevant ministry should make all arrangements that are necessary within the nine weeks to allow students to have all the requirements needed when they return, including loans for those who are eligible.

Magufuli opens Tanzanian candidate classes too

A-level students preparing for their Form six national examinations are also excepted to return as both schools and universities open on June 1, however, more time will be needed for other secondary and primary going students.

Magufuli also announced that all sporting events will resume on June 1, encouraging that people must remain physically fit.

Magufuli opens Tanzania universities

Magufuli opens Tanzania universities

As for the spectators, he asked the Health ministry and Sports ministry to decide on what should be done so as people continue to observe social distancing during the transition.

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President Magufuli quoted literature saying that immunity improves when people come together.

“If someone is locked up in a house, his/her immunity will have reduced by up to 30 percent by the time the person is free.”

He explained that when people meet, they also build their immunities against various diseases.

Magufuli also announced they will begin to allow tourist flights in to Tanzania from March 27.

He stated that there are organizations fully booked up to August and that this opportunity cannot be missed.

Magufuli said that the tourists will not be subjected to the 14-days quarantine but will have their temperatures checked for anything unusual.

“We want business to go on as planned,” President Magufuli said.


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