Mao applauds Bigirimana’s Judiciary efficiency, Likening his Impact to “Quinine”

Minister of Justice, Nobert Mao

Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Hon. Nobert Mao

In a notable moment during the opening ceremony of the new law year 2024 at the Judiciary headquarters in Kampala on Friday, Minister of Justice, Nobert Mao, lauded the efficiency of the Judiciary, particularly commending the remarkable achievements of Permanent Secretary, Dr Pius Bigirimana.

The analogy drawn by Mao, comparing Bigirimana’s impact to the potency of Quinine, reflects the high praise for the efficiency and effectiveness displayed under Bigirimana’s leadership.

“I want to thank the Secretary to the Judiciary, my friend Dr Pius Bigirimana for his transformational leadership,” Mao said.

Mao, who now oversees the Judiciary as the Minister of Justice, expressed his admiration for the strides made under Bigirimana’s supervision. One of the key achievements highlighted by Mao was Bigirimana’s instrumental role in the oversight and construction of a state-of-the-art twin tower complex that now houses the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal.

“This is a remarkable achievement may be other PS’ can learn from you. Of course, Mr Bigirimana needs to go for courses in diplomacy but may be it helps not be to obsessed with being diplomatic,” Mao added.

“I think the workspace hygiene of the Judiciary has improved. There are many workplaces that are toxic, nothing gets done. So we can come and pick some notes.”

The construction of this monumental complex, completed within a remarkable four-year timeframe, stands as a testament to Bigirimana’s dedication and efficient management. Notably, this achievement took place amid the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the construction industry and posed unprecedented hurdles.

Despite the two-year crisis caused by the pandemic, Bigirimana’s leadership ensured the project’s timely completion, showcasing resilience and adaptability. The twin tower complex is now a symbol of modernity and functionality, providing a fitting home for the highest echelons of the judiciary in Uganda.

Minister Mao emphasized that the comparison to Quinine was not just a figure of speech but a testament to the crucial impact Bigirimana has had on the efficiency and functionality of the judiciary.

“He is quinine without the sugar quoting. But I know that he is result oriented. I thank you together with the team you work with of course under the guidance of Chief Justice, deputy Chief Justice and entire team,” he articulated.

Quinine, known for its potency in treating malaria, symbolizes the effectiveness and crucial role that Bigirimana has played in fortifying the foundations of the Ugandan Judiciary.

As the new law year unfolds, the commendations from Minister Mao serve as a recognition of the hard work, dedication, and efficiency exhibited by Mr. Pius Bigirimana in overseeing significant developments within the Judiciary, ensuring its continued growth and modernization.

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