Media is a key component in promoting Pan Africanism – stakeholders

African Media especially those operating in Uganda have been urged not to always rely on foreign media on matters concerning their home affairs , but they  should always do whatever is required to have acquire first hand information.

Some of the media practitioners and delagates that participated in the event

While officiating the grand opening of media symposium on role of media in promotion of African Agenda on peace in Kampala, H.E Etsegenet Yimenu, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda noted that on several occasions, western media has with hidden interests  exhibited biased reporting on African affairs and thereby misleading African media outlets who intend to rely on them.

“Some time back we had internal conflict within Ethiopia but unfortunately the  western media was publishing only false information about the conflict. We almost lost the media but we sat down and came up with some plans which later enabled us to end the conflict.”  noted the Ambassador

She further expressed the need of all African states to work together in addressing challenges affecting them as it was done in Ethiopia as Pan Africanists , heads of states and other key players joined hands to end the recent internal conflict.

H.E Juach Deng the Southern Sudan Ambassador to Uganda advised media to always focus on spreading the good news and endowments  in their countries so as to attract more visitors (tourists) than publicizing negative information which gives people bad perception about Africa.

“Media practitioners must be informed so as to be educate the public , always yearn to be more informed than the masses. Media should at all times have the right information to avoid misleading the masses.”

He also promised to sponsor atrip for  Ugandan journalists willing to travel to South Sudan so as to be able to report about that country from an informed point of view.

Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye UPDF Spokesperson in his address, urged the  media practitioners to use their platforms and  promote Pan Africanism because its every body’s role to ensure that Africa becomes a better place to live in.

“African problems can only be solved by Africans in an African way, so let us all interest ourselves in the African Agenda.”

He also revealed that media has influence to shape people’s perception as well as setting the agenda.

H.E Etsegenet Yimenu, the Ethiopian Ambassador to Uganda addressing the participants on Tuesday. (PHOTO/Courtesy)

Dr Mugabi Lubahamya, the National coordinator of pan African federights movement at the same time the organizers of the event,  emphasized it clearly that as Pan African Federalist movement they don’t rely on any  funding from government but they are strictly operating under  volunteerism.

The event was held in preparation of the African Liberation Day celebrations scheduled to take place on 25th May 2023 at Kololo Air strip Kampala.

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