Medical Insurance: Smart App launched to enhance service delivery

Key players in the Insurance sector of Uganda have commended Smart Applications International (U) Ltd on their latest innovation aimed at improving medical insurance services.

Left – Right: Esther Muiruri, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Smart Applications International, Fredrick Makaire, Executive Director of Save For Health Uganda, Judy Mugoya, Country Manager at Smart Applications International, Jonan Kisakye, CEO of Uganda Insurers Association, Solomon Rubondo, Technical Director of Pentad Insurance Services, Harrison Muiru, Group Managing Director of Smart Applications International and Dr Andabati Gonzaga, Executive Director of Bethany Women and Family Hospital, launce the Smart Access App in Kampala on May 17, 2023. (Courtesy photo)

At the launch of virtual mode of medical access at Sheraton Hotel Kampala ,Mr.Jonan Kisakye the Chief Executive officer of Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) noted that this platform is timely especially during this period when the country lacks current statistics on medical insurance.

“This innovation is going to help us as insurance providers overcome the problem of fraud by identifying who is consuming our services at a given data.

It means when you visit information the insurance will get information timely and claims will be settled promptly , the issue of delays and paying service providers especially hospitals will be put aside.”

Kisakye added that the delayed payments have been as a result of the manual system which takes long to have the data processed.

“Its estimated that by 2025 almost 84 percent of all Africans will be having mobile phones , this means that clients while in their homes , gardens , shops or at any place of their convenience will be able to enroll to medical insurance.”

Speaking during the launch, Smart Applications International, Group Managing Director, Mr. Harrison Muiru, noted that, “millions of Smart customers will now be able to use virtual access to pay for services across all lines of healthcare. We are cognizant of creating transformative patient-centric solutions that address current needs in such economic times”.

He indicated they have worked on the Smart Access App to ensure that it is unique and comprehensive. The solution design offers users an opportunity to manage access to health materials on various topics of interest and locate the nearest hospital or medical providers offering specified services. He reiterated that these features will go a long way in the promotion of trust within the healthcare ecosystem.

Judy Mugoya , Country Manager, Smart Applications International (U) Ltd noted that with this new App, a customer traveling through the 11 countries covered by Smart can access healthcare by using the app across all lines of healthcare without having to worry about pre-authorization or even coverage.

“With our virtual platform members can be able to know what your covered of because most of the time we get to hospital we don’t know what our insurance consists and you can also look at family members benefits.”

Mugoya further added that with this platform , the client can be able to initiate the visit before physically going to the health facility.

“Use your finger print at the service provider’s center , cutting off the fraud where people utilize insurance with their neighbors, relatives and friends. Even if you use your neighbor’s App when they ask for the finger print , this app will not match.”

About Smart

Smart has been providing biometric smart cards to all its clientele as the mode of identification for access to medical services installed in over 7,200 healthcare facilities across Africa. With the growing adoption of mobile technology globally the Smart Access App will be a timely upgrade from physical biometric smart cards to virtual access.

Globally, 400 million sick people risk death or irreversible damage, due to lack of access to the nearest medical facilities or rather, the right specialist services to address their ailments.

With the advent of the Smart Access App, it will be easier to search and locate your nearest medical provider at the tap of a button. Virtual access is available on both a newly developed app dubbed Smart Access, available on Playstore for Android Users, AppStore for Apple Users, and AppGallery for Huawei Users.

For those using feature phones, access and initiate your hospital visit using the short code *221# accessible on MTN and Airtel.

Through the app, patients will be able to take control of their medical cover, view the utilization instantly, read informational articles about health, and geolocate their healthcare providers of choice by simply tapping their screens.

















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