Minister Amongi Urges Women to Lead in Government Programs

Minister Amongi addressing women leaders at Northern Gateway Hotel in Oyam

Minister Amongi addressing women leaders at Northern Gateway Hotel in Oyam

The Minister for Gender, Labour, and Social Development, Amongi Betty Ongom, has called upon women to take the lead in the implementation of government programs aimed at creating rapid change at the grassroots level.

The minister emphasized that women, in accordance with societal norms, bear various shared responsibilities, making their active participation in government initiatives crucial for growth and development.

Speaking at a one-day entrepreneurship training for women leaders held at the Northern Gateway Hotel in Oyam district, Minister Amongi highlighted the government’s commitment to supporting women through various interventions.

She specifically mentioned the Parish Development Model, which designates thirty percent of all disbursements for women. The minister urged women to apply for these funds to establish and expand enterprises that would enhance household incomes.

With over 200 women leaders in attendance, the event organized by the National Women’s Council covered several subjects, including the role of women council leaders, mindset change and women’s development, value addition and enterprise development, enhancing the capacity of women leaders in agricultural development and food security, and an overview of the Parish Development Model.

Minister Amongi further disclosed that, starting from this financial year, the government had initiated the disbursal of institutional funds through the National Women’s Council National Secretariat. These funds aim to facilitate women leaders in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities, particularly in mobilizing communities to participate in government programs.

“As leaders at the Parish level, your role is to ensure that women benefit from the 30% allocation under the Parish Development Model,” Amongi emphasized. She further emphasized that the program had been designed to guarantee women’s representation in the Parish Development Committee.

In addition to their involvement in government programs, the minister urged women to foster harmonious homes, as this directly impacts community and national development.
She highlighted that similar training sessions were being conducted across the country to empower women leaders and equip them with the necessary skills for productive engagement.

Mr. Benson Walter Dila Oyuku, the LCV Oyam District, commended the National Women’s Council for organizing the training, acknowledging its critical role in directing women’s focus toward productivity. He stressed the importance of knowledge as a key factor of production, stating that while land, capital, and labour are essential, knowledge is the driving force behind progress.

Oyuku further emphasized that Oyam district possesses vast land resources, making such training programs vital in steering the population towards fruitful ventures.

The call by Minister Amongi Betty Ongom for women to spearhead the uptake of government programs underscores the commitment of the Ugandan government to gender equality and inclusive development. By actively involving women in grassroots initiatives, the government aims to accelerate progress and uplift communities across the nation.

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