Minister Anite denies corruption allegations, says she wept before president Museveni

The Minister of State for Investment Evelyn Anite

State Minister for Investment and Privatization, Evelyn Anite, has spoken out about her emotional encounter with President Museveni over a controversial ‘service award’ paid to Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) management.

The president had summoned a meeting at State House to address the Shs545m (about $145,000) payment made to UIA management for their role in supervising the Kampala Industrial Park Development (KIPD) project.

“I have met that investor (Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum) once. I saw he was even awarded during Heroes’ Day. I was saddened to see social media indicating he is not a royal. I did due diligence with our embassy in the UAE. To my dismay, the corrupt went to the president faster than we could do and reported. I know my president can’t allow such blackmail. He waited for a full room and asked how I plead,” Anite said.

“This hurt me so much. If Jesus wept when Lazarus died, who am I if a son of God wept? I wept before the president, before drivers and everyone,” she added.

Anite insisted that she stood her ground on the controversial honoraria, which President Museveni ultimately sided with her on, ordering the beneficiaries to refund the payment.

“I don’t do these things for personal gain. You have seen projects suffering and behind schedule. Five years it should be completed but it is only at 50%. They left what they ought to do and did what they didn’t have to do,” she said.

The minister also addressed allegations of corruption and wealth accumulation, stating that she was ready to face any evidence brought against her and willing to undergo a lifestyle audit by the Inspector General of Government (IGG).

“I know I have gone through fire but if I am guilty, I am ready to face whatever comes my way. If I have fallen short of God’s glory and evidence is there, I am ready to walk to Luzira. People are fearing the corrupt because they are powerful but I won’t back off. If there is evidence that I took money from such and such an investor or have shares in such and such a company, I am ready to walk to Luzira,” Anite said.

“Like you have asked me for my property, let every government official account for what they have. Accept the lifestyle audit by the IGG. Anyone with evidence against me should bring it forward and I am ready to walk to Luzira,” she added.


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