Minister Anyakun urges Human Resource Managers on empathy

KAMPALA-Hon. Esther Anyakun , the Minister for Labor has asked all Human Resource (HR) Officers in the country to take time before making final decisions at work.

Minister Esther Anyakun(in Kiteng ), Hon Margaret Rwobushaija (in pink dress) and HRA-U President Ronald Bossa handing over the plaque to one of the outgoing members of the General Council on Friday.

While officiating the swearing in ceremony of the new Governing Council Human Resource Manager’s Association of Uganda on Friday at Serena Hotel Kampala, Anyakun noted that in most cases , decisions taken by human resource officers  at work may end up affecting someone for his/her entire life and thus the need to think twice.

“Human Resource officers are the ones in charge of improving lives of the people we manage and to fulfill this you have to understand very well all your team members. You have to put yourself in their shoes before making any decision about them.”

She therefore asked those without empathy at least to try out other career opportunities instead of wasting their precious time in Human Resource Management.

The Minister also promised to deal with all those violating workers’ rights regardless of their statuses or connections to the authorities.

Hon. Margaret Rwobushaija , the Workers representative in Parliament, expressed the pressing need of passing the HR bill into law for proper management of HR Professional whose image is being tainted by non Professionals in a number of organizations

“I have realized that most of the cases currently before industrial court , are a result of poor Human Resource Managers who have no training on labor laws as well as poor handling of workers. This issue has contributed to the backlog of over 1500 cases pending before the Industrial court “

She therefore noted that once the bill is passed into law , Human Resource Profession will be well stream lined and it will become a prestigious profession as it’s the case with all others.

“We welcome you (Minister) our ‘Mugole’, we promise to work with you in all matters regarding workers’ affairs.” Rwabushaija promised.

Ronald Kibuuka Bossa , newly elected Association President , in his maiden speech promised to work with all stakeholders in pushing forward the agenda of the Association.

“We salute contribution of those who came before us and promise to build on their foundation. We shall not achieve anything without any of you , therefore we need to come together and form a formidable force.”

Bossa revealed that he took noted the key points in manifestos of those who didn’t make it to the governing council and he promised to bench mark on them during his new tenure.

“Its my humble appeal that all the rest of HR fraternity come together to form a formidable force forward, we have been challenged that the bout 1400 members is a fraction of the rest of the Professionals. We know that when the HR professional s bill come into law , that number will definitely increase and it will give us a big voice in terms of advocating for best practices.”

He further promised on behalf of the Governing council to operate under the Association’s Constitution to ensure that they serve beyond expectation.

At this event, the newly elected members who will serve for a term of two years (2024-2026) were sworn in , as the outgoing team were awarded plaques in appreciation of their distinguished services.


















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