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Minister Norbert Mao’s Second Chance at Love, Marries Beatrice Nyanzi

Minister Nobert Mao and his wife Beatrice

GULU, UGANDA – In a joyous celebration, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Norbert Mao, tied the knot with his lover, Beatrice Nyanzi, on Saturday, solidifying their highly publicized relationship. The couple exchanged vows at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral in Gulu, followed by a grand reception in the minister’s home district.

The ceremony was attended by top government officials, including Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, and his wife, Anita Rukundo. Other notable guests included high-ranking government officials, dignitaries, and close friends and family of the couple.

Minister Mao addressed the guests, defending his decision to remarry and encouraging those in unhappy marriages to seek happiness elsewhere. He dismissed criticisms of his decision as “unchristian,” likening marriage to education, where one can “drop out and enroll again.” The minister’s remarks were met with hearty laughter and applause from the guests.

Mao’s previous marriage to Naomi Achieng Adong, with whom he had three children, ended in divorce in 2019 after 16 years. The divorce was granted by Justice Godfrey Namundi, who ruled that the marriage was “irretrievably broken down.” Beatrice Nyanzi also divorced her husband, Martin Kayanja, in London, leaving behind her husband and children, before starting her relationship with Mao in 2020.

The couple’s union has been a subject of public interest, with many praising their courage to seek love again. Minister Mao’s new wife, Beatrice, has been credited with bringing joy and stability to his life, and the couple’s love has been described as an inspiration to many.

The wedding celebration brought together hundreds of guests, marking a new beginning for the minister and his bride. The couple’s happiness was palpable, and their love was evident as they exchanged vows and danced together, surrounded by friends and family.


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