Molly Katanga denies charges as hearing commences

KAMPALA-Hearing of the case where Molly Katanga (widow) with other four individuals are charged with offences related to murder of businessman Henry Katanga has commenced today before High court judge Isaac Muwata.

Molly Katanga being escorted back to court cells on Tuesday.

At the hearing with has been held in a court room filled beyond capacity, all the accused persons have pleaded not guilty of the charges brought against them.

Before going further with thr hearing, Assistant DPP Samali Wakholi (Prosecutor) asked the trial judge to allow the Prosecution make amendments in the charge sheet.

“My Lord we pray to this honorable court to allow us make an amendment in the charge sheet on the third count to include A2 and A3.”

However this has been objected to by the Defense Prosecution led by Peter Kabatsi who submitted that its against the law to amend the charge sheet at this stage when the accused were already committed

“We object to the alterations of the charge sheet because it will be prejudicial to the accused persons by trying them on offences different from those on which they were committed.” Submitted Bruce Musinguzi Defence counsel.

In her rejoinder, Wakholi emphasized that section 50 sub section 2 of the trial and indictment act gives court powers to amend the charge sheet at any stage.

Peter Kabatsi has asked court to allow his client (Molly) attend the hearing of the case from Luzira Prison via zoom on grounds that she lost almost 70 percent of her blood during the scuffle that happened at her home. He promised that this will be proved by her Doctors any time they appear in court.

However the Judge has adjourned the matter to Wednesday 3rd July 2024 to give ruling on the matter.

Molly Katanga is accused of killing her husband, while her two daughters,P atricia Kakwanza and Martha Nkwanzi are accused of destroying evidence.

Prosecution alleges that Business man Henry Katanga was shot dead by his wife Molly Katanga on 2nd November 2023 at their Matrimonial home in Mbuya after having a heated disagreement.

George Amanyire Shamba boy, Charles Otai, Family’s medical doctor are charged Accessory the fact of murder.

Its alleged that Charles Otai, a medic appeared at Katanga’s Mbuya residence shortly after Katanga’s shooting



















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