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Movit offers hair makeover at Mbarara Trade show

Movit treating Mbarara Trade Show visitors to free full hair makeovers (PHOTO /Courtesy)

MBARARA —In pursuit of the journey to build self-confidence, Movit brand has offered free hair makeover to visitors of the Mbrarara trade show which happened in Kacheka main stadium in Mbarara city.

Primarily, the brand provided hairdos to women who require an appearance transformation amidst product sampling.
Speaking at the 9-day expo,Movit Brand Manager, Stephen Adinyai said the brand has consistently positioned itself as a kind that boosts people’s confidence all the time through providing quality and affordable products.

“Every time we go for public gatherings, we want to uplift confidence with our products through offering hairdos to enhance because we believe a confident person boldly faces life challenges,” he said.

In addition, the brand has also offered product usage pieces of training to equip women in business with knowledge on how to utilize the product while mindful of business aspects.

“As much as we are engrossed in enhancing beauty, we are also engaged in promoting trade through offering business tips when using our products,” he said adding that the training is further enabling traders to recoup from the tough economic situation induced by the 2-year break orchestrated from Covid-19 pandemic.

Similarly, he said: “When we enhance beauty, we are also contributing to promoting tourism which is in line with the Mbarara trade show.”

Mbarara trade show was running under the theme: “Promoting trade, and tourism industry to foster Uganda’s sustainable growth and development”. The annual expo was put on hold due to Covid-19 resultant restrictions.


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