Mufti Encourages Muslim Women to Embrace Religious Virtues

His Eminence, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda, delivered an inspiring message, urging Muslim women to embrace Islamic virtues. These virtues encompass unwavering devotion to Almighty Allah, patience, trustworthiness, faithfulness, dignity, humility, and respect for their husbands.

This message was a part of his moving speech delivered at a memorial prayer gathering dedicated to the late Mrs. Namayanja Sauda Mukuluwakika, the wife of Sheikh Khatwib Mukuluwakika, the former Acting Deputy Mufti.

Mufti Shaban Ramadan Mubajje with other believers who participated in the memorial prayers.

The Mufti fondly recalled numerous encounters with the late Mrs. Mukuluwakika, describing her as a person of upright character who held her husband and family in high regard. “Sheikh Mukuluwakika possesses divine knowledge, having memorized the entire Holy Quran. This achievement is a testament to the peaceful and supportive environment he shared with his late wife, Maama Nsamba,” Sheikh Mubaje observed.

Mufti Mubaje’s speech drew from Quranic verses and sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He emphasized that when Muslim women practice the traditional five pillars of Islam and exhibit obedience and respect to their husbands, they can expect honorable rewards in the hereafter, with Almighty Allah granting them entrance to the lofty paradise of their choice.

The Mufti also addressed the concerning issue of rising marriage breakdowns, often linked to misconceptions about gender equality. He quoted from the Holy Quran, highlighting the role of men as protectors and maintainers of women, emphasizing the importance of providing from their means. He encouraged women to emulate the example of Hadijah, the first wife of the Prophet, who was a wealthy woman and entrusted her wealth to the Prophet’s management.

In conclusion, the Mufti implored everyone never to forsake these virtuous principles. He also responded to concerns raised by Sheikh Erias Kigozi, the Kadhi of Wakiso Muslim District, regarding individuals with ill intentions who seek to claim ownership of Muslim community properties, including mosques. Sheikh Mubaje assured that the office of the Secretary General would soon issue circulars addressing this matter within the UMSC structure. He expressed gratitude to Sheikh Mukuluwakika for his loyalty to the UMSC.

Hon. Counsel Haj Muhammad Ali Aluma, the UMSC Acting Secretary General, shared that the current UMSC, under the wise leadership of Mufti Mubajje, is committed to action and progress, with notable improvements across all areas of development. During the gathering, Sheikh Mukuluwakika and one of his sons paid heartfelt tribute to the late Mrs. Mukuluwakika, expressing their ongoing sense of loss.

The event was attended by high-ranking UMSC officials, including Hon. Hamza Mirembe, a member of the General Assembly, and members of the management team.







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