Mufti Urges Muslim Women to Embrace Spiritual Growth, Positive Change

MUKONO-His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Mufti of Uganda, has encouraged Muslim women to focus on improving their spirituality.

Supreme Mufti Shiekh Ramathan Mubajje

He delivered this message during a Thanksgiving event organized by the family of Haj Ibrahim Kibirango Talutambudde in Kiwanga village in Mukono District on Sunday.

The occasion honored his wife, Hajjat Asina Kibirango Talutambudde, who had the privilege of performing the Holy pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2023. Sheikh Mubaje emphasized the importance of Muslim women, especially those who are married, following the example of Hajjat Asina in her humility and good behavior as a wife.

He noted that these qualities have strengthened their marriage, and as an appreciation, her husband sponsored her pilgrimage to Haj. ” Furthermore, Sheikh Mubaje explained that performing the Haj symbolizes a Muslim’s spiritual growth and can lead to divine rewards from Almighty Allah, including entry into Jannah (paradise).

Some of the people who attended the Thanksgiving ceremony.

He also acknowledged attending the event due to the family of Haj Ibrahim Kibirango Talutambudde’s long-standing loyalty to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) since its inception. In conclusion, Sheikh Mubaje encouraged all Muslim faithful to prioritize the education of their children and instill Islamic religious values.

This, he believes, will help them navigate life’s challenges and grow into morally upright citizens in adulthood. During the event, both Haj and Hajjat Talutambudde praised the services provided by the UMSC Haj office, led by Sheikh Ali Juma Shiwuyu. Hajjat Asina expressed gratitude to her husband for the opportunity to perform Haj.

Local leaders, including Mukono District Woman MP and the Resident District Commissioner, also spoke at the event. Additionally, several UMSC management committee members, District Kadhis, prominent Sheikhs, and Imams were in attendance.





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