Museveni directs Ministry of Education to develop plan to guide school opening

President Museveni has directed the Ministry of Education to prepare a plan by June 4 to give guidance on how candidate classes/finalists will resume studies.

He said the Education Ministry together with Ministry of Transport also guide on transport for learners in border districts.

“When it comes to the students who will have to come back and join the other finalists, if they can walk to the schools we don’t have a problem. For the rest, Ministry of Education, will have to work out a plan,” he said.

Other developments, he said private cars will be allowed to move starting May 26 while restrictions on public transport will be relaxed on June 4 as government moves to ease the virus induced lockdown.

The President was, however, quick to note that this will only apply in 95 districts out of 135 that make up the country.

He said transport restrictions will remain in place for all the 40 districts that border Uganda and other countries.

“Private cars will be allowed to move on the 26th May. For border districts, we shall not allow public or private transport. They are on the frontline. They are the ones that can either save or destroy us by allowing infiltration from neighbouring countries. For public transport in the districts that are not near the border, this will be relaxed on June 4. During this time, those concerned will discuss with transporters and make sure everything is in order,” Mr Museveni said in a televised address on Tuesday to clarify his earlier address.

He also said Ugandans can get facemasks on their own provided they are the right quality.

“The Ministry of Health will tell you the right type,” he said.

Boda boda

He said boda boda cyclists and auto rickshaws (tuk-tuks) should not carry passengers.

“We recommended that given the experience we have the bicycle is the best option…for your health and for social distancing. We said boda boda and tuk-tuks should not carry passengers but can keep carrying cargo,” Mr Museveni said.


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