Museveni launches Shree Sahajanand School Uganda

President Museveni presided over the launch of Shree Sahajanand School Uganda

President Museveni has commissioned Shree Sahajanand School Uganda an auspice of the Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj Trust in Ntinda.

The school is seated on a 30-acre Shree Swaminarayan Complex.

The school is a modern co-educational day learning institution ready to offer exceptional and affordable pre-primary, primary and secondary on a national curriculum.

The Nursery and Primary sections are currently opened for the bigger world with world class facilities to support kid’s learning and skill development such as musical rooms, libraries both physical and online, computer labs and a swimming pool.

Museveni in his address welcomed His Holiness for coming to Uganda.

Quoting his previous speech at the delegation of Indians from the UK who came back to remember 50 years since Idd Amin chased them from Uganda, Museveni gave an example of his childhood when they had Four(4) Indian families. These for families had their names but we changed their names to our traditional way of Calling them, one of them was Abdallah but we used to call him Budala, another one Aboubaker and we changed it to ‘Bumbakare’.

There Indians were the only people owning shops in like 2 sub-counties and our relationship with them was very okay.

Museveni added that these Indians weren’t farmers, not cattle keepers not crop people but they were traders.

“They would bring what we didn’t have and take what we had. Myself I would sell milk to Budala and thats when I realized that Indian women talk a lot.”

“In Uganda we’ve got real partners because you bring new skills, new energies and find our own indigenous energies and the combination is a big achievement. Some indians like Meta and Madvan have contributed alot in that sector of sugar for a long time.Therefore I welcome the efforts of this group, I thank you for the church, school, hospital and that nice looking temples”. Museveni.

“Above all, I thank you for the cement factory which you’re now spreading to Karamoja. You’re most welcome and we shall give you all the support because by doing that you’re creating jobs, consuming power which you will pay, water and create jobs. I thank you all.” Gen Museveni added.

Hajati Minsa Kabanda, the Minister for Kampala applauded Shree Sahajanand School management for this well equipped school and for putting it on a national curriculum—saying many people fear international schools since they don’t follow the national curriculum.

Shree Sahajanand School Principal Moses Kirinya applauded Mr. Hasumukh Patel the chief donor for his tremendous efforts towards the success of this community helpful initiative.

He revealed that the school is a donation from Tororo cement with an aim of impacting society through easing modern education in Kampala.

It accommodates 240 nursing pupils, 630 pupils for primary section and 630 secondary learners.

He adds that the school has employment solutions for Ugandans employing over 150 Ugandans since they need 100 teachers, 30 cleaners and 30 members of staff.

He assured parents that their children shall acquire the 21st century basic skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication in a hospitable environment due to the high skilled team of experienced teachers and management that the school has.

He added that the school has a well designed premises with the philosophy to show students that the school cares for them and a place where they can succeed with knowledge and individuality.

Tororo cement chairman and the donor of this new school, Mr Hasmukh Patel thanked the president and all members from all walks of lives.

He told the president that Tororo cement is making 25 years of existence this year.

He revealed to the president that as Indians they have a saying which goes like ” you first build for your neighbor a house and then build for yourself” he then told the president that before building their temple, they found St Andrews church Ntinda under construction, they first completed that one and then built their temple.

“His Excellency, this school is going to cater for1500 students, we as Tororo cement we shal chose a girl and a boy from each out of the 56 tribes in uganda give them full sponsorship until they finish university level”- Hasmukh Patel

Patel told the president that as Tororo cement they decided to invest $150m dollars in Amdat plant karamoja that wil provide jobs for karamajongs.

His Holly Highness Koshalendra Prashad called for humanity since we all serve one God.

“I believe humanity is the first religion and other things comes in”- His Holly Highness Koshalendra Prashad.

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