Museveni postpones opening of candidates for one month

Opening for candidates postponed

President Yoweri Museveni has said finalists has been postponed for another one month as government continues to study the matter.

“We have decided we should not bite too much at a time. We have decided to postpone the opening of the schools for candidate classes for one month,” the President said as he addressed the country on Monday June 1.

President Museveni said candidate classes of about 1.4 million students of all categories don’t have enough kits, pausing a serious risk for the ‘grandchildren’.

The president directed that all finalists should now use distance learning through media, including radio and TV.

Universities countrywide had started setting dates for reopening and putting in place various safety measures to welcome back the finalists.

The president has now blocked this development and directed that schools should suspend opening.

The president has asked Prime Minister Ruhana Rugunda and technical team to study the matter.

“I am of a view of two TV sets per village. But will be camping together.
Radio simpler, each house can be given radio. But is blind. You hear you don’t see. But Distance learning must start.’

Opening for candidates postponed

President says ppening for candidates postponed

Summary of HE Address on Lockdown (1st June 2020)

1. Public transport is now allowed but will carry half of normal capacity including the driver and the conductor with effect from 4th June 2020.

All passengers, driver and passengers must wear face masks

2. Brokers, taxi/bus touts, hawkers are not allowed in the public transport parks/ terminals.

3. Public and private transport is still banned in the border districts.

4. Bodabodas are still banned from carrying passengers until further notice.

5. Bars, saunas, salons, gyms, public swimming are still banned for another 21days.

6. International borders and airports will remain closed until further notice.

7. The School going candidates /finalists total to a number of 1.4m and Govt doesn’t have the resources to test the numbers for COVID19 every 2 weeks, in addition , day schoolers, school workers and teachers are still high risk because they oscillate between home and the school premises .

Therefore, opening for opening for candidates postponed. He said schools will remain closed for the candidate learners for one more month.

Govt to pursue distance learning methodology (TVs, Radio, etc) for learners during the lockdown.

8. Curfew will continue from 7.00 pm-6.30am.

9. Churches and mosques will remain closed.

10. Political and cultural public gatherings are still probihited until further notice.

11. Shopping malls will be allowed to open starting 4th June 2020.

12. Govt issued face masks will be ready for public distribution from 10th June 2020.

*Border districts will be the first priority for face mask distribution.

13. The biggest number of cases are South Sudan Truck drivers

14. Four thousand (4,000) persons were arrested during the lockdown, there cases are going to reviewed ASAP and early release from jail may be considered.

Dr. Keith Mugarura

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