Museveni reflects on disagreement with Scripture Union, emphasizes importance of hard work, moral values

Museveni reflects on disagreement with Scripture Union, emphasizes importance of hard work, moral values

Museveni reflects on disagreement with Scripture Union, emphasizes importance of hard work, moral values

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has reflected on his disagreement with the Scripture Union during his student days, emphasizing the importance of hard work and moral values.

Speaking at the “Light Up Ankole For Jesus Mission” Crusade on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at Boma Grounds, Mbarara City, President Museveni said that the Scripture Union’s belief that God would feed them even if they didn’t work was not in line with his own values of hard work and self-reliance.

“I didn’t agree with that. As a religious leader, you are teaching people, but you are poor, now what are you teaching the people? Now that body, which is hungry and sick, what kind of temple of God is that? These are problems which you have brought upon yourself,” he said.

President Museveni emphasized that hard work and moral values are essential for spiritual growth and development, and that believers must not rely solely on faith without action.

“I want to thank the Lord for bringing a Priest in my home. And this Priest is walking in my trail. This Priest, the Lord has brought into our family with Maama has never served in the government. I want to thank God for her and her husband. They take my grandchildren to the farm and teach them how to work,” he added.

President Museveni also praised Pastor Patience Rwabwogo’s commitment to spreading the gospel and promoting unity among believers, saying that she is following in his footsteps.

“We are proud of her and her husband for the work they are doing. They are taking the gospel to all corners of this country and beyond. They are also promoting unity among believers, which is essential for spiritual growth and development,” President Museveni said.

First Lady Janet Museveni, who was also in attendance, testified to God’s work through Pastor Patience and Covenant Nations Church, saying that God is using them to do His work.

“I thank God for humbling us in a special way by appointing one of our children to serve Him as a Minister of the Gospel, not because we are a righteous family but because He is a gracious God and He listens to those who call on His Name,” Janet said.

She however decried the sharp decline in the morals of the society even among Christians.

“In Ankole, the children and grandchildren of the revivalists sometimes appear to be Christians in name only. They go to church on the holidays and acknowledge God’s name but have no relationship or fear of the Lord. The fire of the revival has all but gone out and we see many problems in our society as a result of that. The crises of homosexuality that are driven by the love of money, corruption that is almost endemic, teenage pregnancies, gambling and many more are seen all across our country,” she noted.

“Certainly, Ankole is no exception. In fact, in many ways there are additional spiritual issues in Ankole that were not known before, like worshipping of diviners and some false prophets. Therefore, God has a good reason in His mercy and love to bring up this mission at this time.”

The First Lady further said that she believes that if Christians are right with God and each other, there is no limit to what God can accomplish through them.
“So, I join you and agree with you in praying and believing that God will visit Ankole again, and Uganda in general and pour out His precious Holy Spirit, the former and the latter rain together as Joel prophesied.”

Bishop Joshua Lwere, former General Overseer of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda, recognized Pastor Patience’s genuine call to serve God and commended her humility and impact.

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo, in her remarks, said that the Lord had done open heart surgery on the people, giving them new hearts full of joy.

“And what the Lord Jesus has done in this place is to bring down Goliath, cut off his head and He has done open heart surgery to us and now we have new hearts that are full of joy,” she asserted.
“In these five days we have been doing repentance, confessions, and we believe that what God wanted to birth, He has birthed it here. And God has forgiven us,” she added.

The “Light Up Ankole For Jesus Mission” Crusade was a five-day event that aimed to spread the gospel and promote unity among believers in Ankole region. It was attended by thousands of people from across the region.

This news story highlights President Museveni’s emphasis on the importance of hard work and moral values, as well as his personal experience and relationship with God.


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