BREAKING! Museveni speaks out schools opening


President Yoweri Museveni is delivering his 19th address on the coronavirus pandemic in Uganda and related issues.hool

Museveni makes case for schools opening

EDUCATION NEWS UGANDA – President Yoweri Museveni has said that the government will make a major decision on issues relating to schools opening.

President Museveni who delivering his 19th address on the coronavirus pandemic in Uganda and related issues has since urged school goers to continue with distance learning.

“We shall have to make a big decision on schools by September,” says the President, who adds that schools present a unique challenge because they attract large numbers.

For now, as they work out a plan, he urges school goers to continue with distance learning.

Will a dead year be declared for schools?

“Let’s not rush,” Museveni cautions. His explanation is that a vaccine could be discovered in the coming weeks. And locally, at that, without having to depend on foreign research teams.

President Museveni says that when the coronavirus went on a rampage across the world, Uganda compared notes with the world and found out that there are two ways to deal with the virus, for now, that is – avoid the virus and then help the body fight the virus.

Uganda then enforced such measures as wearing face masks when out in public and observing a social distance. This, he says, has enabled Uganda to keep the spread of the virus in check and keep the numbers low.

Referring to the footage that has just been played, he underlines that in many parts of the world, hospitals do not have beds anymore.

As in his previous addresses, President Museveni has once again laid bare his appreciation for the work of scientists and has told of the people who are harsh on them. For their contribution, Museveni feels scientists deserve to be paid more.

“Anyone who attacks scientists should go to hell. If anyone attacks them, I will tell them to go to hell!”

What about the churches and mosques?

They will not be re-opened now, says the President, who adds that they are still doing more consulting and if an ideal plan is worked out, they will involve the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda on how to re-open the places of worship.

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