‘My bank balance is zero, why did you lie to me?’ Kenyan aspirant slams voters after huge poll loss

Festus Kithinji was eyeing Mbeu Ward's MCA seat under a Wiper ticket (PHOTO/Screengrab)

Festus Kithinji was eyeing Mbeu Ward’s MCA seat under a Wiper ticket (PHOTO/Screengrab)

An aspiring Meru MCA candidate in Kenya who fell short at the ballot is currently the talk of the town after he posted a now-viral video of himself lamenting how he allegedly burnt through his savings during the electioneering period.

Festus Kithinji, who was eyeing the Mbeu Ward MCA seat under a Wiper ticket, said he felt shortchanged after investing so much capital and time into his campaigns, only to be overwhelmingly defeated at the ballot.

“As I stand here my bank account balance reads zero. I put in all my efforts and now you are giving me this. You people are liars, why did you lie to me? Calling me mheshimiwa yet you didn’t give me your votes. That’s not fair; even God will judge you, people. Telling me that 2027 will be better, how will it be better?” Kithinji decried while holding back tears.

“People will come with money (in 2027). I can’t promise that I will have enough money for you people. I really feel disappointed and heartbroken. I feel as if I should quit politics once and for all. It is really sad.”

In a second video that he released barely hours after the first one, Kithinji underscored that his political resolve remains unwavering and that his name will again be on the ballot in 2027.

He used a now popular phrase, ‘ni kuoga na kurudi soko,’ which is a slang phrase people use after relationship breakups to denote getting back on the horse immediately.

“I have been crying a lot lately but I am done with all that. My name will be on the ballot in 2027. Let me look for money in the meantime. I have come to realise that politics is all about money. I am going to get money then go after power,” he said.

Despite his earlier rants, Kithinji wished all the best to the Mbeu Ward MCA-elect.


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