My Musical career has been revamped – Singer Big Eye

KAMPALA-Ugandan Musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye has commended National Unity Platform (NUP) President Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu for warmly welcoming him to the people’s party which has greatly changed his life.

Singer Big Eye addressing the press at Munyonyo on Tuesday.

“My life is now back to normal , am enjoying life because of the love i have got from Ugandans since last week it has been amazing. I have been having sleepless nights but eversince last week , i sleep very well.” Big Eye addressing journalists in Munyonyo on Tuesday

He pointed out that before he didn’t know the strength of people’s will but for the past few years he has been suffering, he has learnt that in order to succeed in life , you have to be on the side of the oppressed.

“I call upon fellow artists to always side with the majority (common people) because these are their relatives and people that support their music. You may turn a death ear to people affecting people like poor roads and health services but you may end up falling a victim one day.”

On taking that step , Big eye noted that it has been a well prepared plan which has taken him a number of months participating in people’s struggle and other related activities.

About what could happen to him next, the musician has noted that he is ready for everything because its his personal decision which he doesn’t regret about.

“I have not yet announced any concert but am so grateful that many people are asking me to stage one but i promise that when the right time comes i will come up with one.”

Big eye thanked fellow musicians who have been supporting him for all this period he has not been earning from performances after being boycotted by his fans.

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu last week on unveiling the new offices of National Unity Platform at Makerere Kavule, unveiled Big eye who was a known individual from National Resistance Movement (NRM) as a new NUP member which has made him a darling among several Ugandans.


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