Netizens slam Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo for praising Museveni, CJ Dollo over for stopping his money laundering case

Human rights lawyer, Nicholas Opiyo (PHOTO /Courtesy)

Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo of Chapter Four has faced critism from netzens and opposition political party National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters over his tweets praising long serving President, Yoweri Museveni and NRM cadre Chief Justice Owinyi Dollo.

Months back Mr. Opiyo was battling with money laundering case.

Prosecution alleged that Opiyo got UGX 600m on 27.11.2018 knowing that funds was proceeds of crime and again Opiyo got USD 340,000 on 8.10.2020 via account No.6004078045 knowing that funds was proceeds of crime.

President Museveni, through Director of Public Prosecution asked Anti Corruption Court to stop, Opiyo’s money laundering contrary to sections 3(c) 116 & 136 (1) a of Anti-money laundering Act as amended.

Mr. Museveni also backed Opiyo of Chapter four & Robert Kirunda of Wasige & Co Advocates with the President warning that social media users attacking Opiyo & Kirunda will face it rough if arrested

“I saw people on social media criticising my friends Opiyo & Kirunda, they don’t know that these people have been helping me to get information relating to Sengooba & others.

It’s worth to note that Ex-State House staff incharge of President’s social media was charged for sharing President’s letter dated 27.11.2018 directing his comptroller Lucy Nakyobe to get Opiyo a home and give him and other UGX 600m had sparkled fire on social media, many people said those funds would have built a good hospital or school but President defended it saying it’s a token of appreciation for information that Opiyo & others gave him relating to Sengooba & others.

In a separate incident, State House’s CCTV & Cameras staff was arrested & charged in army court for sharing President’s meeting footage of the Chief Justice (CJ) Uganda Law Society’s Kinobe, Opiyo, Kirunda among other officials

The President, added, that Opiyo and Kirunda are part of Government wide structure especially on diplomatic legal issues.

“When we had problems at Bank of Uganda, Kirunda represented government in commercial court & I will appoint them,” the President is quoted to have said.


I’ve known Opiyo & Kirunda as state spys for 5 yrs, by day time they pretend to be Pro Human rights in the night they sit with dictator Museveni & sign deals, Kibedi, adds that Kirunda & Opiyo are traitors who colluded with the dictator & sabotaged justice for his nephew Sengooba by faking a report. It’s worth to note that Mr. Kibedi clashed with Mr. Kirunda, accusing him of frustrating bails of his clients, yet it’s their constitutional right to get bails from court & that Mr. Kirunda & Co Advocates was hired by Minister of Education to institute private prosecutions against Ex Staffs of Hope Children’s Centre-Bugiri, NGO said to have been owned by late Bakayana’s family.

Pro Human rights (aka legal rebel) Mr.Semakadde Isaac, also lambasted Kirunda for siding with the “dictator” than helping oppressed ugandan who needs help & Justice, Kirunda & Opiyo are undercover state mercenaries, they’re rotten tomato within us.

Consel Robert Kirunda in a UPDF uniform.


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