New Police Leadership: Echega Appointed Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander

The Uganda Police Force’s Kampala Metropolitan Police Headquarters, a symbol of law and order in the city, stands proudly in the heart of Kampala.

In a significant shake-up, Inspector General of Police Abbas Byakagaba has announced major changes in the police leadership, effective immediately. The changes aim to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the police force.

Richard Echega, a seasoned police officer, has been appointed as the new Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, replacing Senior Commissioner of Police Stephen Tanui. Echega brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served in various capacities within the police force.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gerard Twishime has been appointed as the new Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, supporting Echega in his duties. Twishime has a strong background in law enforcement and has served in various leadership positions.

Senior Superintendent of Police Rogers Sseguya has been appointed as the new Regional Police Commander for Kampala Metropolitan East, while Moses Nanoka has taken over as the new Regional Police Commander for Kampala Metropolitan North. Both officers have a proven track record in maintaining law and order.

Abubaker Ziwedde, a seasoned police officer, has been appointed as the Commissioner in charge of Police Curriculum, responsible for overseeing police training and development programs.

In other changes, Commissioner of Police Denis Namuwoza has been appointed to head the Firearms Department, while Christine Nanding has been appointed as the Commandant of the Professional Standards Unit, responsible for ensuring police accountability and professionalism. Edgar Nyabongo has been reassigned to the Oil and Gas Division, leveraging his expertise in this critical sector.

Notably, Fred Enanga, the long-serving police spokesperson, has been replaced by Kituuma Rusoke. Enanga has been appointed as the Deputy Director of Interpol, bringing his expertise to the global law enforcement agency.

These changes mark a significant shift in the police leadership and are expected to enhance the overall performance of the police force.


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