Newly sworn Judicial officers cautioned against misconduct

KAMPALA-On Monday , eight judicial officers at the rank of Deputy Registrar, Assistant Registrars and Grade one Magistrate took the judicial oath at the function which was held at Judiciary headquarters in Kampala.

Chief Justice Aliphonse Owiny Dollo , Judiciary top management and the new officers after the swearing ceremony.(Photos by Judiciary)

At this ceremony , the Chief Justice Aliphonse Owiny Dollo has urged the newly sworn in Judicial officers to always serve the people of Uganda in line with the oath they have taken as well as the Judicial Code of Conduct.

“I call upon you to always serve with utmost humility and integrity and make upright decisions without fear, favor, malice, compassion, affection, discrimination or ill-will. I have no doubt

that you are all persons of high moral standing and that you have what it takes to drive the Judiciary along a veracious path to its desired destination.”

Dollo also advised the new officers to always make consultations with those they have found in office because they still have a lot to learn.

“I call upon all of you to remain relevant to the profession by engaging in constant reading and studying. The crime trends, the nature of disputes and the laws are constantly changing which calls for your regular replenishment and adaptation to the new technologies and the new modes of justice service delivery. I also urge you to embrace the use of ICT, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Plea Bargaining, and other practices that reduce the time and cost of justice.”

Dollo further tasked the judicial officers to support the judiciary in reducing case backlog through reducing on the number of remand prisoners as they increase on the case disposal rate.

Chief Justice Aliphonse Owiny Dollo addressing the gathering at swearing ceremony.

Deputy Chief Justice, Richard Buteera advised the new Registrars and Magistrates to always respect their colleagues at work through promoting high level of discipline. “The oath you have taken is not ceremonial , you have to abide by it at all times ”

Principal Judge Dr. Flavian Zeija tasked the new officers to ensure they observe the Judicial Code of Conduct since as Judiciary they don’t tolerate indiscipline

“If you have been corrupt at your former places of work, i request you to leave the practice that side. We shall not allow people who come late at their places of work and leave early.”

Chief Registrar Sara Langa Siu .advised these officers to properly brand themselves because its their brand which will determine their future in the judiciary.

Siu promised that before the end of this week, all the officers will have known their new places of work.

The sworn in included; Five Assistant Registrars, one Assistant Registrar and two Grade one Magistrates.

The event attracted members from Judiciary top management, friends and relatives of the appointed officers.

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