NRM BLOGGER MUSAMALI CAUGHT RED-HANDED: Desperate bid for State appointment ends in shame!

Freeman Musamali's reputation in tatters after State House exposes his false appointment claims

Freeman Musamali’s reputation in tatters after State House exposes his false appointment claims

State House has categorically denied appointing controversial NRM blogger Freeman Musamali as Assistant RCC, rubbishing claims of his deployment to Rubaga. This comes after Musamali spread false news of his appointment, sparking widespread congratulations and jubilation on social media.

Presidency Minister Milly Babalanda has urged the public to remain calm and avoid speculation, assuring that the ministry will release the official list of Assistant RDCs once paperwork is complete. Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary Hajji Yunus Kakande has dismissed Musamali’s claims, stating, “I don’t have such a name on the list in my office.”

Sources close to the matter reveal that Musamali has been desperately seeking state appointment, often resorting to attacks on high-ranking government officials to gain attention. His tactics have finally been exposed, leaving him red-faced and embarrassed.

As the truth comes to light, Musamali’s credibility lies in tatters. The blogger’s reputation remains tarnished by this brazen attempt at self-promotion.

State House has sent a clear message: falsehoods and self-seeking will not be tolerated. The public has been warned to beware of Musamali’s deceitful tactics and await official announcements from authorized sources. The truth will always prevail.


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