NWSC dismisses claims of unfair salary structure

Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha is accused of corruption and nepotism (PHOTO /Courtesy)

The management of National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has dismissed allegations that their salary scales are full of unfairness and inconsistences.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, NWSC stressed that all their salary scale adjustments are based on prior performance appraisals and exceptional performance.

This follows an email communication trending on social media on Wednesday, purportedly from a company staff, indicating that NWSC has discrepancies in their salary scale, which was based on corruption.

“NWSC has a clear salary structure, ranging from SC1-8. Staff are recruited and later on promoted to different scales, based on their performance level and experience. It is not about having the same roles and responsibilities. It is about how one performs their roles and responsibilities,” NWSC said in the statement.

They added: “NWSC has also experienced some new staff that join the corporation and quickly feel a sense of entitlement to promotion, without due consideration of the effort inputs and performance results.”

The company said this is not acceptable, given that NWSC survival and sustainability depends on a strong results-orientation.

NWSC under the stewardship of Dr Silver Mugisha has witnessed exceptional performance.

NWSC has registered an increase in its coverage from 58 towns in 2013 to over 256 towns, with a service coverage of 84 per cent within the municipality boundaries, 54 per cent outside the municipality boundaries and 74 per cent within and outside the municipality boundaries (overall). Its water pipe network has also been expanding by over 2,000 Km annually, with the utility laying 2,021Kms in the FY 2017/18 and 2,727 Km in the FY 2018/19.

The corporation, whose success story is one of the most inspiring in President Museveni’s Uganda, has also undertaken several Water Supply Improvement interventions such as installation of water pumps, drilling of boreholes and laying of transmission lines to boost water production and improve supply reliability.

For such and more accomplishments, NWSC has won several accolades including the Golden European Award for quality and commercial prestige (Geneva, Switzerland 2014), the Global award for perfection, quality and ideal performance (Berlin, Germany, 2014), African Water leaders Award for 2014/15, African Water Utility of the Year Award 2013/2014, Quality and Customer Care Award, Century International Quality Award ERA, Golden Award (Geneva), Best Government Agency On Social Media 2016 and PPDA Award 2014.
The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) is a public utility company 100% owned by the Government of Uganda. The Corporation was established in 1972 under Decree No: 34. At its inception in 1972, the Corporation operated in three (3) major towns of Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe.

These laws were revised in 1995 by the NWSC Statute and later on the statute was incorporated in the Laws of Uganda as CAP 317 (Laws of Uganda 2000). The primary aim of this was to revise the objectives, powers and structure of NWSC to enable the corporation operate and provide water & sewerage services in areas entrusted to it on a sound commercial and viable basis


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