Online Business; Real Muloodi Launches ‘The Property Network’

Real Muloodi Advertising Ltd, Uganda’s leading real estate digital advertising and marketing company, has launched The Property Network, an innovative online real estate marketplace that offers a unique and engaging user experience.

Some of the Apartments found in city suburbs (Courtesy photo)

The platform is set to transform the real estate market in Uganda by providing exclusive features for both buyers and sellers.

Speaking on the launch of the Property Network, Faith Sanyu, Director and Real Muloodi News Editor, said, “After launching the Real Muloodi News Network in Uganda in 2021, we were surprised by the unexpected, overwhelming demand to showcase properties online. Developers and Managers of high-end properties expressed strong interest in the Property Network concept. We created the online platform incorporating advanced technologies, a refined design, and enhanced functionality with their input, making it appealing to sophisticated buyers within Uganda and the diaspora.”

The Property Network offers a contemporary and user-friendly design that supports video walk-throughs and virtual tours. It also features an interactive property map that allows visitors to search and view properties based on their location of interest, making it easy for buyers and renters to find and view properties from any device.

Amy Johnson, CEO of Real Muloodi Advertising Ltd said, “Investing in real estate back home can be a difficult process for Ugandans living abroad. Sifting through individual developer websites and Facebook pages to find quality properties takes immense time and effort. Our platform streamlines the search by aggregating high-end listings in one convenient, easy to use marketplace. We directly connect buyers and verified sellers without interfering with the sale or taking commissions. By eliminating the friction of property discovery, we empower the Ugandan diaspora to securely invest in their homeland from anywhere in the world.”

To ensure the authenticity of sellers, the Property Network employs state-of-the-art technology, including an automated multi-factor authentication verification system using facial recognition technology. This feature protects buyers from fraudulent real estate salesmen, making the Property Network the most trusted property advertising platform in Uganda.

In addition, The Property Network does not allow multiple listings for the same property, and property listings automatically expire after one month, unless the seller or landlord actively renews their subscription. This feature ensures that there are only legitimate, active properties advertised on The Property Network.

“More and more people are turning online to buy, sell or rent real estate, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the number of online real estate deals growing daily, the number of fraudulent real estate salesmen is also rising. Many people have fallen victim to various kinds of property scams and have tragically lost their money,” says Faith Sanyu.

The Property Network also provides exceptional support for brokers, showcasing them on the Agents & Brokers pages. Brokers can showcase both their business and their property listings, and buyers can leave reviews on their experiences with a broker, benefiting the entire real estate community.

Sellers and landlords can also list their properties without a broker, and the first listing is free for 30 days. The fee-based platform does not charge a commission, allowing sellers and landlords to keep 100% of the sale or rent.

The platform incorporates a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) function, enabling sellers and landlords to manage listings, leads, and contacts in one place. Integrated with HubSpot CRM, businesses can add an unlimited number of sales agents to their subscriptions at no extra cost and have complete oversight over their entire company’s sales activities.

The launch of The Property Network is an exciting development for the Ugandan real estate industry. The platform offers a trusted, reliable, and secure way of buying, selling, and renting properties, providing a superior user experience to buyers and sellers.

About Real Muloodi Property Network

Real Muloodi Property Network is the fastest-growing digital marketplace for buying, selling, or renting properties in Uganda. Search hundreds of for-sale and rental listings with the peace of mind of knowing there are legitimate, active properties advertised on The Property Network; Uganda’s most trusted property advertising platform.

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