PHOTOS: Gen Museveni passes out 229 army recruits

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) has passed out 229 army recruits who successfully completed their basic military training at Sera-Kasenyi Training School intake 08/2022-23.

Speaking at the function today, the President congratulated the Special Forces Command (SFC) for upgrading the level of training in the elite unit by incorporating the use of electronic training aids like computerized guns and tanks before going for field practical.

“This is very smart. It enables us to train many people but also not to use a lot of fuel and not to cause wear and tear of the tanks or the guns because you’re doing it electronically. That’s what many modern countries are doing. So, I congratulate you for upgrading the training in the SFC,” Gen Museveni said.

He also thanked the trainers for integrating the use of combined arms to improve the tactics of fighting.

The President called upon the army leadership to make good use of these well-educated young people such as engineers and medical doctors who he said are a good value addition to the army.

“So, you the army leaders, you should be clear how you use them. It is correct that after the basic exposure of the military, they join the brigades of their profession,” Museveni noted, calling upon the trainees not to misuse the chance to serve their country.

The Commandant Sera-Kasenyi Training School, Lt Col William Ndyomugabe noted that the 229 trainees of which 35 are female. He added that trainees are well educated with 3 holding master’s degrees, 115 with bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines, 32 with diplomas, 24 holding certificates while the remaining 55 have S.6 and S.4 certificates.

He said these were taken through leadership training, tactics, political education, first aid, physical training, foot drills among others.

“Your Excellency the exercise objectives were achieved,” Lt Col Ndyomugabe said.

He also urged the trainees to be disciplined, love their country Uganda and protect the people.

“You should always remember that enemies of our country Uganda are not only those carrying guns, but you may also turn yourself in the same category if you don’t avoid subversive tendencies like; corruption, cheap popularity, sectarianism, formation of cliques, intrigue among others,” he further noted.

The Commander Special Forces Command, Brig. Gen. David Mugisha expressed gratitude to the Commander in Chief for uplifting the welfare of UPDF and promised to continue producing high quality soldiers.

He also noted that the global contemporary operating environment is faced by a lot of challenges ranging from terrorism, chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) attacks, cyber threats, insurgencies and others that need special attention.

“There’s therefore a need to embark on specialized training and acquisition of modern equipment so as to deter and curtail such hurdles from happening to our country,” Brig. Gen. Mugisha said.

The Acting Chief of Staff UPDF Land Forces, Maj. Gen. Jack Bakasumba who represented the Chief of Defense Forces, thanked the SFC leadership for prioritizing training. He urged the new recruits to continue acquiring more knowledge and to be disciplined.

“I congratulate you for completing the course but it’s just the beginning of your career and we expect the highest standards of discipline from you. Live within your means to avoid financial pressure on yourselves and stay fit. Also make sure that whatever you do is in line with your profession,” Maj. Gen. Bakasumba said.

The State Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs Huda Oleru thanked the President for his vision to transform UPDF into a force that is recognised globally because of its capability to handle emerging security threats.

“Thank you for opening the space for ladies to join the forces,” Minister Oleru added.

The function was attended by among others the Under Secretary in charge of Finance and Administration at the Ministry of Defense and Veteran Affairs Edith Buturo, Chief of Staff Brig. Gen. Robert Gonyi, the Deputy Commander SFC Brig. Gen. Charity Bainababo, Senior officers of the UPDF and religious leaders.

The Special Forces Command (SFC) is a specialized component of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) tasked with carrying out specialized missions or operations at a moment’s notice.


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