PHOTOS: Tayebwa, Gen Kayihura in attendance as MK Movement sets history in Mitooma

By Tukwatanise Musa

Thousands of MK Movement supporters were witnessed yesterday in Mitoma district as the Movement held its first ever MK Movement event in Mitooma organized by Mayor Kashenshero Town Council Hon. Edgar with guidance from MK Movement central committee members Hon Micheal Mawanda head Discipline and Hon Daudi Kabanda, the deputy spokesperson MK Movement.
It was the first event of the MK Movement in 2024 setting a good landmark for 2024.

The Baraza attracted masses from all corners of the country including NRA Bush war historicals Rtd Gen. Kale Kayihura, and Rtd Brig Gen Mujuni who emphasized the need to consolidate the peace and stability Bush War revolutionaries fought for.

In his communication, Gen Kayihura thanked the Movement for reorganizing the youths to the revolutionary agenda.
He added that the MK Movement is doing exactly what the NRM youth league should be doing.

“On behalf of all historicals, there is no reason why we should worry or fight these young people under the MK movement. Whatever they are doing is for the good of this country and so we should accord them maximum respect, guidance, and support as they champion continued peace and stability”, Gen Kayihura emphasized.

His speech moved people and changed the majority of the supporters who had ideological gaps in the Movement.

The Chairman of the MK Movement was fully represented by Rt Hon Thomas Tayebwa, deputy speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda.
The deputy speaker in his message made it clear how the movement is not fighting anyone in Mitooma and how it has no intention to fight anyone.

“Amidst my busy schedule, where do I get time to fight unnecessary wars,” Tayebwa asked??.

He encouraged youths to embrace government programs of PDM and get involved in sports as emphasized by Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The speaker cautioned excited youths against diversions claiming to love Mzee Museveni more than his son or vice versa.

“The youths should stop being sponsored to trade dangerous videos on social media as such videos and bad messages can affect them in the future,” Tayebwa emphasized.

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