PICTORIAL: Comedian Anne Kansiime thrills Kigali fans, leaves them in stitches

The Ugandan comedian, Anne Kansiime put up a successful performance on Sunday in a full packed Kigali Conference and Exhibition Central known as Camp Kigali on Sunday 25.

Clad in blue and red clothes, Ugandan comedian, Anne Kansiime put up a successful performance on Sunday in a full packed Kigali Conference and Exhibition Central (Camp Kigali) after five years.

It has become tradition that Seka Live Show happens at the end of every month as the founders (Arthur Nation) has promised to help people end the month on a good note and start a new one refreshed.

The shows are attended by a large number of people mostly based in Kigali
On Sunday, September 25, it was the African queen of comedy’s turn to entertain her Rwandan audience.

The Ugandan stand-up comedian left her fans yearning for more after an outstanding performance.

Anne Kansiime arrived on stage at 9:40pm. As usual she entered dancing as the audience stood up at once to welcome her. Her jokes mostly focused on her own life.

Kansiime said that she missed performing in Rwanda after five years.

“Five years was too much. Things have changed, for the better as usual.”

Anne Kansiime made some fun stories about her life with her baby daddy.

“He gave me a ring, I don’t know if anyone else would have done it,” she said.

She also went back to her pregnancy, where she prayed to God to give her a beautiful child. Kansiime advised the people to pray to God continuously and specifically and to pray without turning aside.
It got to the point where she showed that she some of her body parts have expanded that now even her name has changed, where people are calling her ‘Mrs Kansiime’.

Kansiime also made fun on her hard times during lockdown and how she missed Rwanda and her Rwandan fans.

The 35-year-old staged a hilarious and un forgettable 45 minutes performance all delivered with her trademark deadpan delivery and the crowd loved it.

In her last minutes of her performance, she thanked host Arthur Nkusi who invited her. “Thank you very much for inviting me,” she said.

Nkusi then told her that the Seka Live fans and audience are the ones who are involved in choosing the comedian who will entertain them, saying that they asked her (Kansiime) to come back again. Anne Kansiime joked “Ask me and I will come back.”

Local comedians like, Joseph ishimwe, Admin Taikun Ndahiro, Fally Merci, and Arthur Nkusi also performed for about 15 minutes each.

Kansiime brought two upcoming Ugandan comedians who also made people enjoy the show.

The show ended at 10:35 pm with Arthur announcing that Patric Rusine will be in the next month’s lineup, even if they (Arthur Nation) have not yet confirmed who will be the next Seka Live star guest


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