Planet Water Park Staff Speaks out on Alleged Discrimination of an Autistic child

Planet Water Park located in Gaba, Kampala

Brenda Kabibi a mother of five has since come out to register her disappointment with the manner in which she was treated at Planet Water Park by one of the staff.

Brenda narrates that on July 1st, 2023 she visited the park to have fun with her five children one of whom is autistic and non-verbal. it was all fun as it has always been for the number of times, she has visited the park until one of the staff asked her to remove her autistic child from the swimming pool.

“Two hours into swimming a supervisor named Moses comes over to me and asks me to leave. I asked why, he said some parents had said they were not comfortable with their children near mine because she’s not healthy. My heart split in that moment,” Brenda narrated.

Brenda lost it when Planet Staff allegedly asked her to leave the premises and promised to refund her money so that he doesn’t lose other customers. She stood her ground and had her children continue swimming until late when they got tired and returned home.

“This wasn’t my first time at the Planet water park, we have always had great services from the staff, the pool attendants are so excellent and they are aware that this was an autistic child and she could swim on her own. I had never interfaced with the Moses, I only interfaced with the waiters and the life guards in the pool who are good at their job,” Brenda said.

She has since called upon Planet Water Park management to immediately fire Moses because she feels he was discriminative against her child.

Walk-ways at the Park that favour persons with Special abilities

We have reached out to Moses Owera a Supervisor at Planet Water Park who has since admitted that without consulting management, he took the action that he felt was fit and accommodative

Owera said that on the fateful day, he was approached by several parents complaining that the child was having a melt-down and he politely reached out to her mother requesting her to assist the daughter during the melt-down.

“At first, I calmed down parents that were complaining but once the sixth parent approached me, I decided to politely reach out to the mother to assist her daughter during the melt-down,” Moses said.

He added, “I sincerely apologize to Brenda, I didn’t mean to be offensive or discriminative to her children; I am a father of seven, one of my children is a special needs child, I know what it takes to raise children and later a one with special abilities.”

Moses has expressed fear that he might lose his job which would make it almost impossible for him to fend for his family. He has appealed to the general public for forgiveness and not to crucify him.

Park rules that must be followed by every user



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