PLE 2022: Here is a list of most improved schools in Uganda

LE 2022 was conducted between November 8th and 9th 2022, with a total of 832,810 candidates registered from 14,153 examination centers.

LE 2022 was conducted between November 8th and 9th 2022, with a total of 832,810 candidates registered from 14,153 examination centers.

In this article, we used the Pass rate as a measure of improvement, but it is important to note that it is not the only measure of improvement and should be considered in conjunction with other factors.

For example, if a school’s pass rate for PLE exam increases from one year to the next that could indicate that the school has made improvements in teaching and learning. However, it is also important to consider other factors such as student engagement and motivation, teacher effectiveness, the quality of educational resources and materials, and the difficulty of the exam. These other considerations were ignored in this analysis.

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Additionally, this pass rate only tells us how many students passed PLE 2022, but it doesn’t tell us how well they are prepared for the next level or the future. The latter is for the Ministry of Education to tell.

We consider our pass rate to be the total number of students that scored Divisions 1, 2, and 3 as expressed in percentage of the total candidature in school excluding those with Division X

These are our most Improved Schools for PLE 2022

SCH Details20222020
#SCHDistrict% Pass% Pass
1KAPSIYWO PRI SCH                BUKWO                                  1004.8
2ST.GONZAGA BUTITI PRI SCH       RAKAI                                  1007.1
3KISOGA MUMYUKA PRI SCH          MUKONO MAIN                            10013.3
4KIGOMA PRI SCH                  KAGADI                                 10014.3
5NALONGO ISLAMIC PRI SCH         LUWEERO                                98.616.7
6KYENJUBU PRI SCH                NTUNGAMO MAIN                           86.76.3
7KAHUMBU PRI SCH                 BUNDIBUGYO                             10021.7
8KIRIMWA PRI SCH                 LUUKA                                  10023.5
9KAGOMA PRI SCH                  KYENJOJO                               96.720.9
10NYANGORONGO PRI SCH             KASESE MAIN                            10025
11BUWUNGIRO PRI SCH               KAYUNGA                                10025.9
12BUSAMBEKU PRI SCH               KALIRO                                 10026.5
13KITIMBWA C/U PRI SCH            KAYUNGA                                94.621.3
14BUBUTYA PRI SCH                 NAMUTUMBA                               96.425
15KYABALANZI PRI SCH              KASSANDA                               10028.6
16KITI MUSLIM PRI SCH             KALUNGU                                10029.4
17ST.BALIKUDDEMBE KULUBBI PRI SCH MUKONO MAIN                            81.312.5
18KATOJO PRI SCH                  KABALE MAIN                            10031.6
19IHAGALO PRI SCH                 KALIRO                                  85.417.399999999999999
20NAMABWERE PRI SCH               IGANGA MAIN                            76.40000000000000610.6
21LUKODDE P.7 SCH                     MASAKA MAIN                            88.623.5
22KITANDA PRI SCH                 KAKUMIRO                               71.4000000000000066.7
23IVUKULA PRI SCH                 NAMUTUMBA                              95.231.1
24KIZIBA PRI SCH                  KAMWENGE                               95.732.1
25BUNDIKEKI PRI SCH               BUNDIBUGYO                             10036.700000000000003
26KISAIKYE I F C PRI SCH          BUYENDE                                75.812.5
27RWENJAZA PRI SCH                KYENJOJO                                9329.7
28KING KALEMA MEMORIAL PRI SCH    KYANKWANZI                             10037.5
29MAKOMA PRI SCH                  BUGIRI MAIN                            10038.200000000000003
30APIRI PRI SCH                    PADER                                  82.621.1
31KIMANYA PARENTS PRI SCH         KAGADI                                 94.433.299999999999997
32NAMATOGONYA C/U PRI SCH         KAYUNGA                                64.4000000000000063.3
33NAWANGOMA PRI SCH               JINJA CITY                             8928
34IHUNGA PRI SCH                  RWAMPARA                               87.526.7
35KAHUNA PRI SCH                  KABAROLE                                10039.4
36BUCHUMBA PRI SCH                NAMAYINGO                              97.937.5
37NABUKONE PRI SCH                IGANGA MAIN                            91.431.7
38NABITULA PRI SCH                 BUYENDE                                7515.6
39KIWAGUZI PRI SCH                KYANKWANZI                             86.727.3
40MARUMBU PRI SCH                 KYENJOJO                               71.712.5

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