PLE 2023: Top 58 schools in Uganda

PLe results

UNEB officials and the minister of education during the release of PLE Results for 2023

The recently released Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) 2023 results have brought to light the exceptional academic achievements of students across a spectrum of schools.

A meticulous examination of schools with the highest number of students attaining the coveted Division 1 (symbolized by aggregates of 4) reveals a diverse collection of institutions that have demonstrated excellence in their educational pursuits.

PosnSchoolDistrictNo of 4's
1Hormisdallen Primary School,GayazaWakiso                                 68
2Hormisdallen Day SchoolKampala                                34
3St.Marcelino Junior SchoolNansana M/C                            21
4Yudesi Primary SchoolKampala                                21
5Mother Manjeri Primary SchoolKira M/C                               20
6El-Shaddai Primary SchoolGulu City                              19
7Global Junior SchoolMukono M/C                             15
8Nkokonjeru Primary SchoolMbale City                             13
9Victorious Primary School MukonoMukono Main                            13
10Namagunga Primary Boarding SchMukono Main                            12
11Seeta Junior School,MbalalaMukono Main                            12
12St.Noa Junior Boarding School,ZanaMakindye Ssabagabo       11
13Yudesi Primary SchoolNansana M/C                            11
14Kabojja Junior Primary SchoolKampala                                10
15Namiryango Junior Boys Primary SchoolMukono M/C                             10
16Uganda Kids Project Primary SchoolNtungamo Main                          9
17Kasaana Junior SchoolMasaka City                            8
18Kisosso Parents Primary SchoolMasaka City                            8
19Leos Junior Primary SchoolMasaka City                            8
20Mbuya Parents SchoolKampala                                8
21Endiinzi Parents Primary SchoolIsingiro                               7
22Hillside Primary SchoolKira M/C                               7
23St.Clelia Primary SchoolRukiga                                 7
24St.Gracious Primary SchoolLira City                              7
25The Grace Primary SchoolDokolo                                 7
26Tooro Parents Education CentreFortportal City                        7
27Uganda Martyrs Katwe Primary SchoolMasaka City                            7
28Good Times Kawaala Primary SchoolKampala                                6
29Gyagenda Primary SchoolWakiso                                 6
30Mother Ludia Primary SchoolGulu City                              6
31St.Maria Goretti Primary SchoolKabale M/C                             6
32Good Foundation Primary SchoolMasaka City                            5
33Kampala Parents SchoolKampala                                5
34St.Savio Kisubi Primary SchoolWakiso                                 5
35Kitwe Town Primary SchoolNtungamo Main                          4
36Mantle Day & Boarding Primary SchoolLira City                              4
37Mukono Junior Primary School TtakajungeMukono Main                            4
38Namirembe Parents Primary SchoolKampala                                4
39Nyakibare Parents Primary SchoolRukungiri M/C                          4
40St.Marys Immaculate Villa Primary SchoolKalungu                                4
41Victory Learning Primary SchoolMasaka City                            4
42Bishop Asili Mem. Nursery Primary SchoolKabale M/C                             3
43City Parents SchoolKampala                                3
44Cornerstone Junior SchoolMukono M/C                             3
45Dez Junior Academy Primary SchoolSsembabule                             3
46Global View Preparatory Primary SchoolKitgum M/C                             3
47Green Hill AcademyKampala                                3
48Joy Primary School,KibiraMakindye Ssabagabo 3
49Joykim Christian Primary SchoolKumi M/C                               3
50Kabale Preparatory SchoolKabale M/C                             3
51Light Mixed Primary SchoolMbale City                             3
52Namutumba Junior SchoolNamutumba                              3
53Nateete Preparatory Primary SchoolKampala                                3
54Royal Primary School,BbungaMityana Main                           3
55Rwimi Parents Primary SchoolBunyangabu                             3
56Seeta Junior School,MukonoMukono M/C                             3
57Trusted Care Junior SchoolKasese M/C                             3
58Victorious Primary SchoolKampala                                3


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