Police advises Motorists to avoid Busega Round About – Kyengera Road

NATEETE– Following the Wednesday morning down pour that destroyed part of Masaka road between Busega Round about and Kyengera (below Entebbe Express highway flyover), Police has issued new guidelines to road users.

Part of the road which has been closed as a result the damage. (Courtesy photo)

According to the statement released by the Directorate of Traffic & Road Safety , UNRA Engineers together with traffic Police are still assessing the damage , thereby advised all road users to use other alternative routes.

“All motorists approaching Busega Round about going to Masaka are advised to use Nakawuka Road at Nateete Traffic lights or Mityana road to avoid congestion until UNRA advises otherwise.” Remarked PRO Traffic Police

Around mid day there was heavy traffic from Busega to Kyengera as a result of this damage and its expected to be the same or even more worse than that during Peak hours today.

Many have blamed the damage to swamp reclamation which destroyed all water channels , well as others have blamed to shoddy work by the Engineers that repaired this road.









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