Preliminary reports point at negligence in Rose Aheebwa, Equity Bank Uganda missing cash claims

Rose Ahebwa claims she lost Shs47m on her Equity Bank account on 18th December, 2022.

Rose Ahebwa claims she lost Shs47m on her Equity Bank account on 18th December, 2022.

Rose Ahebwa has been on social media alleging that Equity Bank stole her money amounting to Shs47Million, however details emerging from her family members and other highly placed sources show that Rose Ahebwa is a party animal who actually lost her phone at a party in a Bugolobi hotel .

According to her close relatives, Rose carelessly left her phone on the table at the party in Bugolobi hotel, went to serve food and booze, on returning she said her phone was lost.

Rose Ahebwa, having connections in MTN, she just called her brother to block her line and replace her simcard. She did not report to police. Kampala has baferes who call peoples phone for details, we all know that but Rose did not even report to Equity Bank that she had lost her phone. She only went to Equity after realizing her money had been withdrawn using her PIN which relatives say she had actually saved on her stolen phone.

The close relative said Rose Ahebwa lost mobile phone was Samsung flip.

“She loves food, we all know it at home. She left her phone on the table , as she went to serve food. She only called her brother who works with MTN to block her mobile line.” Said her relative who asked we don’t name them for family peace but wants the truth to come out, Equity being unfairly accused.

She only went to police to get a letter to MTN while replacing her line but even claims she has no memory of the reference number of police case when the bank asked her for the letter to help investigate the case.

‘So, when Rose went to the bank, she demanded a refund from the Bank, did not even allow for time for investigations.”

While Equity issued a statement saying they are investigating the matter, the declined to give interviews saying the bank does not discuss customer matter with media.

Sources said the bank invited Ahebwa on Tuesday for a meeting with it’s managers but she did not go for the meeting and only to meet Aldrine Nsubuga, who has put up a one sided story.

Documents obtained by this newspaper shows that Ahebwa opened her account number in 2022 and she registered on Eazzy Mobile Banking although she is lying to the public that she never registered for mobile banking.

She has even been buying airtime and food using the app.

Equity Bank Risk and Customer Experience team have met Ahebwa and shared progress of the investigations but she keeps lying they did not.

We would like to assure our customers and the public that the Bank’s platform security and safety of customer funds remain our top priority.

We once again advise all our customers and the public to NEVER share their card details, PINs, ID and passwords of their bank and mobile phones with anyone.

In a statement to the customer on Wednesday Equity confirm that the incident has been given due attention and is being handled with the seriousness it deserves.

“While we cannot divulge customer information, we reassure our customers and the general public that the matter has been noted and due process is being followed to resolve the same. This includes collaborating with the relevant investigative authorities.”’ Read the statement

“We are also in close contact with the customer to ensure that the matter is brought to closure.”

The bank also asked the customer to contact it on 0312 327 000, our verified social media accounts – Facebook (UgEquityBank) and Twitter (@UgEquityBank) if the lost the phone because there is a direct connection between the phone and the bank account.

“We affirm our commitment to enhancing our partnership and remain keen on investing in technology and other safety measures to ensure that the Bank remains a safe and secure place for all our customers’ funds and transactions,”said the bank in a statement.

“We  urge all our customers to remain alert and vigilant in combating fraud by following the tips below”.

Equity Bank guidence on how to keep your account safe 

1. DO NOT engage fraudsters on call or SMS. Equity Bank will only call you through 0312 327 000

2. DO NOT share your personal details, PIN, Passwords or OTPs with anyone including your family, relatives, or friends

3. REPORT any suspicious activity on your account or loss or misplacement of your phones through our Contact Centre

4. DO NOT give your phone, laptop or computer to strangers including those who purport to be from telcos etc

5. DO NOT give anyone access to your Banking App or Telco SIM card

6. DO NOT use public Wi-Fi to do your online or mobile banking

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