President Museveni asked to take political action against corrupt officials 

Civil Society actors working in line of promoting Accountability and good governance have expressed the need to have political will in the fight against corruption if the country is to be liberated from that vice.

Francis Xavier Ejoyi, Country Director Action Aid International Uganda (Courtesy photo)

These pointed out the iron sheets saga were some government officials were prosecuted well as others were not taken to court for lack of evidence

“As you  all know , H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said in this case its political corruption. Corruption on top being a criminal offence its also a political offence and in this we  expect a political action.” said Ejoyi Country Director Action Aid

He added that if any body in government is prosecuted and found to be corrupt, court should give him a maximum sentence to detter other members of the public from participating in the same.

“On top of that , the President should take a political action against corrupt government officials (Ministers) by dismissing them from Cabinet.”

About the recent orders of Inspectorate General of Government clearing the  former National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Executive Director on allegations of abuse of office and corruption

and at the same time order him to refund close to 3 billion shillings to the fund, Ejoyi stated that this decision is not clear therefore they will comment about it after fully studying the whole matter.

Corruption is a systematic vice , people think that glorifying the corrupt is the way to go , in places of  worship they are given front places, they are given opportunity to speak at funerals

Mr. Richard Byarugaba , the former National Social Security Fund (NSSF) managing director, was recently ordered to refund Shs 2.6 billion by the Inspectorate General of Government (IGG).

The orders were in the the 61-page investigation summary report into over 15 allegations of abuse of office, corruption, and mismanagement which  revealed that Byarugaba made irregular payments to NSSF staff members who voluntarily left their positions and resigned board members.

The IGG also ordered Byarugaba and other officials at the fund to reimburse money advanced to them for trips they did not fully cover.











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