Real Madrid opens football academy in Uganda

The project is being developed in Kampala in cooperation with the Xcalibur Foundation and MTN Uganda (PHOTO /

KAMPALA —The Xcalibur Foundation and the Real Madrid Foundation, along with the local NGO Youth Sports Uganda and with the support from MTN Uganda, have launched Real Madrid’s new social sporting school in Uganda.

Located in the Naguru Katali Primary School in Kampala, with over 150 children, between the ages of 5 and 16, taking part in this extracurricular programme which fosters education in values using sport as a means of learning.

The opening ceremony, which featured an exhibition by the young players, was attended by representatives of the Ugandan Ministries of Education and Sports, Health, Finance, Energy and Mineral Development, and Justice, along with members of the local authorities.

The Real Madrid Foundation’s methodology for football training and values was also presented at the event.

The Real Madrid Club’s training department provided online training for the nine educators and coaches who are responsible for carrying out the sporting activities on the ground.


The main goals of this extracurricular programme are focused on encouraging commitment at school, promoting gender equality, tackling social inclusion, promoting values and healthy habits, using football as a pedagogical and motivational tool.

Both the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Health are behind the project, with support from MTN Uganda, Uganda’s leading telecommunications company.

Outgoing MTN Uganda CEO Wim Vanhelleputte explained: “Supporting an educational initiative which uses sport as a tool for growth is very much aligned with our values, goals and objectives”.

Xcalibur foundation CEO Javier Lezcano expressed his gratitude for the support in making the project sustainable.


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