Headteacher shot by security forces dies

A school head teacher who was shot at last month in Mukono District by security forces is dead.

Eric Mutasiga, who has been headteacher of Merry Times Primary School in Mukono District was shot by Local Defense Unit personnel in Mid May in Wantoni during a scuffle that ensued as he allegedly attempted to shied a young boy from being arrested.

The boy was selling chapatis past curfew time in “violation of a presidential directive”.

Mutasiga was badly shot in the thigh and admitted to Mulago Hospital where he breathed his last according to family members.

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Family members says their relatives had passed on at the facility due to an infection that arose from the bullet wounds.

The now want authorities to intervene and arrest the constable who shot Mutasiga but also extend assistance to his young children.

Burial arrangements are underway in Mukono.

Mutatsiga was the 3rd civilian to be shot at by an LDU officer in less than a week after first two incidents in Masaka and Kween districts where the victims were shot dead.

President Museveni in many of his addresses on coronavirus cautioned security forces to desist from using excessive force while enforcing COVID-19 guidelines.

The President said it had been brought to his attention that security officers especially Local Defence Units misinterpret his directives and terrorise members of the public.

School headteacher shot dead

Eric Mutasiga a school headteacher shot dead by LDU ( PHOTO/Trumpet News)

“Why are you beating people? Even these days, we no longer beat cows,” the President said adding “that all enforcement should be handled within the instruments of the law”.

“Security personnel should handle issues firmly but legally. Beating people, is you giving our security forces a bad image! To the whole world. You’re weakening us. That beating which is illegal, pointless, what are you beating for? This is isolating us internationally and internally.”

The President warned the local defence unit personnel (LDUs) against hooliganism during night-time operations after reports that of some of them stormed people’s houses,  beat occupants including massive stealing.

The president’s concern came after complaints by several members of the public about the behavior of some security officers while enforcing the curfew.

It has been reported in the past few days that many people have either been arrested or beaten by security officers after being found in their compounds or verandas during times of curfew.

He said Col. Nakalema the head of State House Anti Corruption Unit (SH-ACU) would handle such cases firmly, warning heavy disciplinary sentences for the errant personnel.


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