School under fire for suspending a student under unclear Reasons

KAWEMPE-Parents and other stakeholders in the education sector are getting worried each day that passes as schools are continuing to deny students a right to education as they concentrate on minor issues.

Kisaasi College School (Courtesy photo)

The recent case Is that of Kisaasi College School , a learning institution based in Kawempe Division , Kampala District.

In the Suspension letter dated 6th July 2024, the school suspended a student for one week on allegations that , the learner dodged a party which was Organized by the school. This has left many surprised on how such a matter can lead to one week suspension in these days of hiked school dues.

“We have therefore resolved that; Suspended for one week (Saturday 06h July to Monday 15 July 2024, he/she must report back with a biological parent and must pay a fine of (shs.100, 000) on your school pay code for the loses caused.” Reads part of the letter signed by Headmaster Sekajja Ibrahim.

These added that , on returning, the learner must report back after clearing all term II school fees if any which appears to be a punishment to the parent not to the student as the school intend people to believe.

However the letter has gone viral on social media platforms as people want to school to give clear explanation on why they decided to harass the parents under the guise of punishing students.

Alleged suspension letter

“We would to call upon the Minsitry of Education and Sports to come up and punish such schools with exploit parents through such unclear circumstances.” one parent remarked.

However, others are in support of the school’s move adding that it has a right to take action against any student who misses any of the school programs including prties.

In our next publication we shall bring you the school’s reaction on the matter.


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